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This Week’s Top Galleries and Openings You Need to Check Out

By | [email protected] | July 29, 2015 2:40pm


So “winter” is here and, thanks to the Veranito de San Juan, the unseasonably balmy weather we’ve had this week will soon be replaced by plan-quashing downpours. But instead of camping out under the duvet nursing a Cofler Block and flicking through the latest tripe on Netflix, channel your inner art buff and check out some of the city’s latest exhibitions, openings and art events.

Wednesday 29th July

SuperHabit” by FLUO presented by Dinamica Galeria in Laboratorio de Festival

In Laboratorio de Festival on the first floor of hipster central (in Palermo at least) Dinamica Galeria has been hosting a varied collection of group exhibitions and solo installations for over a year now. Wednesday sees the inauguration of an installation by FLUO, a Santiago/Buenos Aires-based collective that uses “graphic design, architecture, social media, urban planning and non-traditional advertising” to challenge the way we interact with the ubiquitous commercialism that pervades our surroundings. SuperHabit focuses on forcing the viewer to reconsider the branding of environmental sustainability, that noble cornerstone of 21st century social responsibility, which cultivates consumer desire in the absence of a product. Expect some interactive trippiness and free Cynar.

AmasArte4” in Il Ballo de Mattone

(Photo via

(Photo via

Gorriti, or Buenos Aires’ “Little Italy”, is dominated by the dons at Il Ballo de Mattone (there are like five Il Ballos on one street, it’s kind of ridiculous). The last Wednesday of every month they go wild and get balls deep in art, music and the loose vibes of bella Italia. The restaurant at Gorriti 5737 (conveniently located next door to Festival mentioned above – try get ‘em both in while the going’s good) gets transformed into a veritable nut house of live painting, temporary tattooing, random-ass performances of various imported musical stylings and a host of other bat-shit-crazy shenanigans. Oh and the free pasta is tasty as f*ck.

Various Artists – “ARTE URBANO en Canvas” in Espacio Cabrera

Gathering together 15 of Buenos Aires’ best street artists, from old school stencilers like Malatesta (Dario Suarez) to godfathers of graphic design like Chu Doma and new kids on the block in the form of El Marian, ARTE URBANO en Canvas does exactly what it says on the tin; showing work done by street artists on…well, canvas, but probably other surprises should be expected too. There are also a bunch of  workshops being run today if you wanna get your learn on. Sky’s the limit guys.

Thursday 30th July

Bellos Jueves” in Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

If in fact it does rain, this is the perfect opportunity to gain easy access to an event that’s usually harder to get into than a nun’s knickers, with the queue being about 2 hours long if you arrive after 7pm. If you’re feeling fancy, bask in the salubrious surroundings of the Bellas Artes museum with the old masters that make up the permanent collection, interspersed with book readings by Valeria Meiller and an audiovisual performance by Two Mirrors. Check out what’s going on on the terrace, and also check out the hot babes, of which there are often plenty.

Friday 31st July

BARBAS Un personaje real, en un mundo imaginaro” by Borneo Modofoker in FAUNA Estudio, Local 55, Patio de Liceo

(Photo via borneomodofoker)

(Photo via borneomodofoker)

Borneo Modofoker is a Venezuelan graphic designer and urban artist from the “new old school” of illustration and street art. In “BARBAS”, his bearded, orange dudes reveled in the realm of imagination in new works presented on canvas, wood and ceramic, heralding an era of growth and development that see the artist draw on his graffiti and design roots to produce a colorful, eclectic multi-media exhibition. Not sure if there’s free swag, but there are some decent bars to hit up within Patio de Liceo, so go for it.

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