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This Sunday Is El Día Internacional de la Mujer

By | [email protected] | March 6, 2015 6:37pm


International Women’s Day will be celebrated worldwide on Sunday, 8th March.

This international festival draws attention to women’s rights and participation in society. It is a day for us all to reflect on women’s role in history while also remembering that in many areas women are still fighting for equal opportunities.

Here in Buenos Aires, there are many ways that you can celebrate El Día de la Mujer. From debates to French pastries, here are a few things you could get up to on Sunday.

Government Events

The Día de la Mujer kicks off at 8.15 am on Sunday morning at Plaza Flores, where Mauricio Macrí will celebrate eight of the city’s most notable women.

There will also be various lectures, conferences, cultural exhibitions and activities, such as a community painting in Plaza Alfonsina Stoni.

However, the government will not just be celebrating women on Sunday (and I am glad to hear it!); many events will be held throughout the month.

The full agenda can be found on the Government’s website.

Women’s Bike Ride


At 10am on Sunday morning, a group bike ride will take place in celebration of International Women’s Day.

It’s free, but you’ll have to bring your own bike.

Meet at around 9:30 at Avenida Coronel Díaz and Arenales. The ride will take about 2 hours.

French Food


The monthly French food market, Le Petit Mercado, is coming back this Sunday, and this month it will be celebrating International Woman’s Day.

This yummy event will take place from midday until 8pm at El Galpon de Los Milagros (Gorriti 5417, between Godoy Cruz and the railway line).

Expect traditional French treats such as crèpes, pain au chocolat, crème brûlé, pâté and macarons.

There will also be a jazz concert by Los Conde in the afternoon.

Political Debates


Tomorrow, Saturday 7th March, a political event organized by various organizations will take place in the Berazategui province.

The slogan is “By defending democracy, we establish equality”; this is an open event where men and women can get together to debate various themes related to gender.

The discussion will begin at 2pm, at the Roberto de Vicenzo Centre in Berazategui.

Art at the Hilton Hotel


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Head over to the Hilton at 5pm on Sunday afternoon to see ‘Women in Move’, a live art exhibition. Famous wall artist Analía Galligani will be painting in the hotel’s lobby alongside other artists like Stelle Brieva, Gaby Pérez and Melina Gadano.


Furthermore, Galligani’s exhibition ‘From the Soul’ will be on display in the hotel’s lobby until 29th March.

Fancy food at The Brick Hotel

In homage to the famous pastry chef Beatriz Comnalez, 19 Buenos Aires chefs will prepare an extravagant eight-course meal on International Women’s Day.

The meal will be served at ‘The Brick Kitchen’, the new restaurant in the hotel on Calle Posadas.

It will cost $560 a head, but it looks like it’ll be worth it. Catch the menu here.

Cultural Activities


From March 6th-21st a series of cultural events titled ‘Marzo, Mujer, Memoria’ will be taking place in various public spaces throughout the city.

Organized by the Kraft Auditorium and the charity Mujeres de Arte Tomar, and supported by the Nation’s Ministry of Culture, the project commemorates the two important dates related to the fight for women’s rights.

The program is also supported by Teresa Parodi, one of the most famous representatives of Pop music from Latin America.

Through various artistic and cultural events, the series hopes to raise the public’s awareness and to encourage reflection on these themes; the objective is to connect community activity with artistic content in order to celebrate International Women’s Month.

History of International Women’s Day

But why do we celebrate International Women’s Day on this particular date?

On 8th March 1857, a group of female workers from a textiles factory in New York declared a strike about their measly wages and their long working hours. The date is also linked to a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company 1911, which killed 146 workers, mainly women.

The first celebration of International Women’s Day took place in 1911 in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Sweden. in 1975, the ONU officially proclaimed the March 8th as International Women’s Day.

On this day every year, we celebrate women’s rights in all areas of political, cultural and social life.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day in 2011, the International Labor Organization produced this video which explains the history of the celebration.