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This New App Will Help You Find the Best Craft Beer Bar in Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | January 25, 2018 3:49pm


Buenos Aires is filled to the brim with craft beer bars. Take a walk through Palermo and you’ll come across one on every block. Maybe even more. Whilst we love a cold beer after work, frankly we’re confused.

From the Bierhaus to the Bohemia, there seems to be more brands than time to try them. How are we meant to differentiate between so many brands and bars? It’s a struggle at times. Not a bad struggle to have, but still more complex than we’d like.

If you still haven’t decided where you’re heading for your after office drinks tonight, there is in fact a solution to your very modern, first world problem. Perhaps the most ‘Palermo – ish’ thing we’ve heard about in a while, GPS Birra (Gracias Por Servir Birra), ‘thanks for serving beer’, is an app that’s here to solve your beer searching dilemmas.

Patagonia beers are some of the most popular craft beers in Argentina. Photo via pulsocervercero

Patagonia beers serve some of the most popular craft beers in Argentina. Photo via


Synchronizing with your location, it shows you all the reviewed and nearby beer bar options. For these, you are able to look at the app’s rating in categories that include quality of the beer, service, atmosphere and food. Practical information is also given as to whether debit cards are accepted (we’ve all been in that awkward situation with no cash to hand) and what time the kitchen closes. Happy hour times are given too, so that you actually know when they are and if you can try to make it on time. Not always realistic but worth a shot.

As you’d imagine, the idea came about as a result of two beer-drinking enthusiasts (you’d have to be, really), with an app always in mind, Corina Costa and Sebastián Ordíz set to work on a blog based on their personal experiences of beer bars. It seems that the two creators really do like their beer, speaking to publication La Nación; they claim to drink six to eight liters of the stuff a week (a solid commitment right there). But they claim craft beer really does no harm, unlike the manufactured industrial stuff, a great excuse to start drinking it now, if you ask us.

‘Growlers’, where you can fill a bottle of craft beer by tap are also growing in popularity. Photo via The Morfi


What started as a hobby soon grew into a job, as more people followed all looking for easily accessible and trustworthy reviews of the seemingly endless multitude of craft beer bars that have sprung up in Buenos Aires recently. Their blog (linked to the app), complete with over 40 reviews since it began five months ago, publishes reviews every Monday and Wednesday with aims to include information on more beer events and manufacturing.

Steadily growing with two new locations a week, weirdly enough mostly in and around Palermo, (who would’ve guessed?) the app has collected more than 1000 beer curious users since its release in December. As a serious job for the creators, it’s hard to imagine a better position for a couple of beer fans.

Whilst of course it’s not guaranteed that the trend for craft beer will last or grow, for now at least (in Palermo) it’s here to stay.

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