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This is the Best Terrace in Buenos Aires You Didn’t Know Existed

The Club has been around for 100 years (and counting).

By | [email protected] | February 21, 2019 10:22am

DSC05990-5American Club (Photo by Julian White-Davis)

Ask around for the best view in the city of Buenos Aires and you’ll get very different answers.

But let’s face it. Can you really top one that includes the monumental Teatro Colón, the Av. 9 de Julio, and the Obelisco all at once? The answer is: probably not. So, is there really a place that can offer that in this city while also offering an exceptional food and drink service, as well as a comfy, luxurious hangout?

I’m glad you asked, because you’re in for a treat.

People, I give to you The American Club, an institution that’s been one of the main points of convergence between Argentine and US cultures for the last 100 years and that sits smack dab in front of El Colón, making it one of the best – yet least – known terraces in the city.

The view from The American Club (Photo by Julian White-Davis)

Originally founded in 1918, it was first located at the Plaza Hotel, close to Plaza San Martín before moving to its current location. Through the years it earned a reputation for being an important stomping ground for Argentine political movers and shakers.

The membership club has an array of different spaces and conference rooms, ideal for any sort of event or special activity. Besides the delicious lunch menu and stacked (let me all caps that: STACKED) bar, one of the new additions is the breakfast menu, one that will be featured in full force starting in April-May, offering attendees classic American breakfast. You know the one: hot scrambled eggs, crispy heavenly bacon, freshly squeezed O.J…. All those things that Argentine breakfast seems to ignore in favor of medialunas and a cup of coffee, but that we here at The Bubble love dearly.

The Club currently offers its members restaurant and conference room services from 8 AM until 6 PM, with private events in the evening.  Breakfast a la carte is available Monday through Friday, but on Tuesday mornings the Club’s open buffet special is now available. Plans are to expand the open buffet special offer to other mornings of the week as the year progresses.

Photo by Julian White-Davis

“The breakfast is another aspect of that outreach to Americans and supporters of the US that we’re now invested in,” new club President Robert Urban explains. Urban hopes that initiatives like this and future ones in the works offer an ideal landing spot for future members to join. “Our membership process is rather economic, it’s currently at only AR $1,000 a month, that’s the base for the capitalization of the club, other than the revenue that can be generated from the day-to-day services that are offered to the members.”

Regaining its place in society is at the forefront of Urban’s strategy: “The Club had often been an important stop on the campaign of many Argentine politicians, attracting a good group of people to listen to their message. We want to regain that element of prestige and we want to organize events, debates, and panels, discussing the political context, the upcoming elections, the economic concepts that back and support these programs.”

Another of the important missions of the Club has always been becoming a go-to place for those organizations that aim to strengthen the bonds between the Argentine and American communities. “It’s intended to be a social hub for all American institutions in Buenos Aires and, as such, members of other institutions are encouraged to use this space for their activities, their meetings and events. From an institutional point of view, that’s our mandate, to be the social center for all of the endeavors by American institutions in the city.”

The American Club (Photo by Julian White-Davis)

American Club (Photo by Julian White-Davis)

American Club (Photo by Julian White-Davis)

American Club (Photo by Julian White-Davis)

American Club (Photo by Julian White-Davis)

So whether you’re looking for that special rendez-vous location for your breakfast meetings, or an afternoon bar to brainstorm plans over a drink, you may want to consider taking a look at the American Club – otherwise known as the Club Americano de Buenos Aires, located at Viamonte 1133, 10th floor.