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This is How Much it Costs to Go See the Copa Libertadores in Spain

The Megafinal will now take place in Madrid. Here's how much everything costs.

By | [email protected] | December 4, 2018 12:25pm

Screenshot 2018-12-03 at 13.39.51(Photo via Reuters)

The Final of the Copa Libertadores between River and Boca is set to take place on Sunday, December 9 at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, Spain at 4.30 PM (Buenos Aires time) .

The home of Real Madrid will receive the two teams, following the cancellation of the original game on November 24, as a result of the attacks from River barras bravas on Boca’s bus in the vicinity of the stadium.

For die-hard fans who intend to watch the game no matter what, this new venue brings not only unforeseen costs in transportation and accommodation, but also in entering the stadium. Real Madrid members with season tickets seized the opportunity to make some juicy business, and are selling their tickets for many euros. Like, many many euros.

And following the sharp devaluation the Argentine peso went through this year, things for fans are harder than ever this time.

We did some research to see how much it would cost an Argentine living in Buenos Aires to go watch the game, and this is what we found.

Match Tickets

(Image via StubHub) Ticket allocation areas in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

This is how tickets are allocated: 40,000 tickets for Spain-based Argentines, 22,000 for organizers, 5,000 each for River Plate and Boca Juniors to sell to fans in Argentina and the remaining 9,000 for Real Madrid members.

The starting price for the tickets that we found on ViaGoGo was US $200/person, located behind the opposite goals for both Boca and River fans. Tickets in seating area 106, in contrast, are going at US $497/person.

Last but by no means least, a seat with the perfect view of the field, in the very center of the side of the stadium in seating area 101, costs US $680/person.

However, these are the legal prices. And as it always happens in these cases, the available tickets are scarce, and many of those who are able to access them buy them to make their own business. During the past days, several Real Madrid members began selling tickets online, taking advantage of a glitch in the systems of the different websites. They are selling “pens” and throwing in some tickets on top for a couple of thousands of euros.

(Photo via Madrid fans selling pens with gifts of tickets in specific areas

“I’m selling four pens and giving away four tickets for the Copa Libertadores final. Each pen is a thousand euros. The seats are close to the field. Sector 205 (see image). If you only want to buy two pens, write me. Only WhatsApp,” reads the ad.


(Photo via SkyScanner) Cheapest Flights depending on the amount of stops

The price of flights for the dates from domestic South American airlines have shot up since the announcement of the Copa Libertadores. Latam’s prices have raised considerably with the price now being at AR $93,300 (US $ 2,555) for the roundtrip ticket with a stopover. Yesterday, the same ticket cost AR $65,000 (US $1,780).

A Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) flight  at US $1,125 and a 28 hour 50 minute flight which stops in Sao Paulo, Amsterdam and finally Madrid is the cheapest one we could find. From there, prices only increase. A Boliviana de Aviacion flight with one stop at Santa Cruz Viru Viru during you 18 hour 20 minute journey would cost you US $1,431.

And if you can’t deal with the long-haul flights, or can’t be dealing with having to get on and off planes – and have quite a few spare dollars – then Iberia will have you traveling direct to Madrid in a 11 hour  50 minute flight at an astonishing total of US $2,874.

(Photo via SkyScanner) Flights from December 11 – 15

Predictably, flights after this weekend are singing a different tune, with a considerable drop in price after the Copa Libertadores final, direct flights are cheaper than those with 28 hour flights with two layovers, costing at the present moment


(Photo via (L-R) Hotel availability December 6 – 10 and availability December 10 – 15. Red represents unavailable hotels.

Rooms at nearby hotels have been snapped up quickly, with just a few hotels still with room availability near the stadium. However, we’ve still managed to find a couple of hotels with price ranges depending on how far you’d want to be from the stadium.

First and foremost, having searched far-and-wide, we were able to stumble upon a hostel that still had availability for this weekend at a reasonable price, with all the hostels in the area fully booked for the weekend. Hostel Castilla II Puerta del Sol is the only hostel with an availability and it is offering 1 single room for December 7 – 10 for a modest US$147.59. It is a 58 minute walk, 27 minute by Public transport and a 20 minute taxi from the stadium. The hostel has, extremely generously, offered a few services at its price point, including: Free WiFi, maps, towels, tea and coffee facilities and no curfew.

That is extremely expensive for a hostel, but from then on, it only gets worse.

If you’re not that fussed about traveling to the stadium, or would actually prefer to keep away after the game and make sure you get a good night’s sleep, since the celebrations will be never-ending. Hostal Arcos Iris are offering en-suite double rooms from US $385, in terms of travel to and from the stadium, it is a 45 minute walk, 28 minute by Public transport and 14 minute taxi.

With just a 14 minute walk or 5 minute taxi, NH Paseo de la Habana are offering rooms for US $938 for the three nights between December 7 – 10.

(Photo via AirBnb) (L-R) Availability of AirBnb from December 7 – 10 and December 10 – 13

As with the hotels, it seems that all of the rooms that are normally available have been snatched up like nothing else. With what we’ve been left with – we have chosen three of the AirBnb’s to tell you about.

The first AirBnb is just a private room with a modest price of US $91/night making it a total of US $353 for the dates of December 7 – 10. With that you are given a private room with a double bed, a shared bathroom and access to the kitchen and living room if you would like, as well as being only 18-22 minutes away walking. Whilst it’s not the most ideal situation to be in, it’ll do the job if you’re a true aficionado and let’s be honest – you’re not going to be there for the accommodation anyway!

The second AirBnb is a loft apartment at US $226/night, totaling at US $784 for the duration of the stay. In the loft you have a one bedroom flat, with a double bed and a sofa bed in the sitting room, breakfast is also said to be provided and there’s even a communal pool! To top it off its only 15 minutes away from the Bernabéu. What more can you ask for?

Our final selection for AirBnb is US $245/night and US $916 in total. Now this AirBnb may not be quite as luxurious as the last in terms of appearance, but its selling point is it’s vicinity to the stadium, the apartment includes two bedrooms, one with a double bed, the other a single, as well as a sofa bed to top it off. Now the distance to the stadium is just a mere 5 minute walk. Perfect for a super-fan who can’t stand to be far away from the action.


Now if you’ve decided which of the three to go for, here’s your overall for each of the three sections in US Dollars ($).

Hotel / AirBnbFlightTicketTotal
Tight-Budget$385 / $353$1,125$207$1,717 / $1,685 (AR $63,433/ AR $62,251)
Moderate-Budget$938 / $784$1,431$497$2,866 / $2,712 (AR $105,882/ AR $100,162)
Comfortable-Budget$1,998 / $916$2,874$680$5,552 / $4,470 (AR $205,051/ AR $165,090)