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These Are The Top 10 Parrillas in Buenos Aires?! These?!?!

This best parrilla discussion is bound to leave everyone angry

By | [email protected] | September 19, 2018 2:22pm

The winners of the Best ParrillaThe winners of the Best Parrilla in BA (Photo via Walter Carrera)

Sure, clashing for political reasons is cool and all. Football is always a great topic for a violent argument. But have you tried the meat? Like talking about the best parrillas in town and purposely dissing somebody’s top pick, for example? You haven’t? Well you’re in luck, because today I’ll be giving you the perfect excuse to try it out on your friends, possibly sparking some of the most passionate all out debates at a dinner table since that time you said you didn’t really understand all the craze behind that Luis Miguel series. Brawl worthy stuff indeed…

Yesterday, the government of Buenos Aires announced the results for their poll on the top parrillas in town, based on the online votes of more than 17 thousand people. La Cabrera took home the top spot, which is not really much of a surprise considering it has reached the list of the best restaurants in Latin America several times in the past. But controversy was bound to appear sooner or later in the ranking and it just so happened to come very close to the top spot. Here’s the list, so see if you can spot it:

  1. La Cabrera
  2. Siga La Vaca
  3. Don Julio
  4. La Rana
  5. El Boliche de Nico
  6. Estilo Campo
  7. Cooperativa Los Chanchitos
  8. A Raja Cincha
  9. Los Cabritos
  10. Arribeños.

So yes, Siga La Vaca, the All You Can Eat tourist magnet in Puerto Madero, took home the second place, toppling the vastly superior Don Julio, which was left with third place. This decision prompted plenty of discontent online, best summed up by this simple, yet eloquent comment on the Infobae Facebook page:

Stalwarts like La Brigada, Cabaña Las Lilas and El Ferroviario were completely excluded from the top spots, left to ponder when, oh, when it all went wrong. (Or not. After all this is only an online poll so I’m guessing they’re really not losing much sleep about it.) But for all its faults, the list was able to conjure up geographic diversity (The top 10 are located in 7 different barrios) and enough options for any sort of income, with classier more expensive parrillas mingling in with more traditional rough around the edges spots.

Making a list like this is possibly one of the most futile exercises ever, since nobody will ever be happy with the end result. Which is exactly why we made our own list of best parrillas a short while back as well… Ha!

Sorry ’bout that, but everybody’s doing it and we believe our voice should be heard.

The winners of the Best Parrilla (Photo via Walter Carrera)

As a friend of mine usually says, the best parrilla is simply the one you like the most, no matter what anybody says. So best just leave this topic out of your dinner parties and after office banter and turn towards the more important things in life like such as Freddo being hands down the best ice cream shop in town (receiving violent comments in 3, 2, 1).