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There’s A Butter Shortage On Top Of Soaring Oil Prices

By | [email protected] | July 27, 2016 11:52am


This past week has been a race for cooking oil. A real, physical race to the supermarket in a desperate attempt to continue frying our empanadas (because we all know fried empanadas are so much better than baked ones. Admit it) before prices soar. Maybe you weren’t able to make it to the market before shelves were cleared out but you weren’t too upset because you thought, hey, I can cook with butter, no big deal. But that might not be possible either.

There is a butter shortage in Argentine supermarkets and the momentary shortage has hiked up prices.

While butter is following oil off our supermarket’s shelves, their absences stem from different causes. The president of the Chamber of Small Dairy Businesses, Pablo Villano, has attributed the butter shortage in part to lower prices being paid to producers at the beginning of the year, which discouraged dairy production.

Villano also attributed the butter scarcity to the autumn climate in the provinces of Cordoba and Santa Fe, which led to a drop in production and unfortunately, when dairy production drops, butter suffers the most. We thought the worst part about this year’s funky climate was that winter was actually cold, but now we don’t even have butter to take comfort in these dark and grey times.

To avoid this in the future, Villano said that dairy production “will have to be regulated come spring.”

However, we may not have to endure too may days of naked toast. The president of Free Consumers, Héctor Polino, told TN that the normal supply of butter should normalize in a few days but advised consumers to hold off buying butter in this, hopefully short, moment of scarcity.