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The Time Has Come: Subte Rides Will Cost AR $7.50 Starting Next Wednesday

By | [email protected] | July 21, 2016 11:39am


Next Wednesday, the Subte rate increase that has been looming over the City of Buenos Aires for the past few months will finally be implemented. The price of a ticket will increase 67 percent from AR $4.50 to AR $7.50. Prepare your Sube cards, for real this time.

Retired workers, students and people with disabilities will be eligible for a AR $4 discount off their fares. Frequent users will also be able to request a 20 percent discount if they make 21 trips a month, or 30 percent if they make 31 trips a month, or even 40 percent if they make at least 41 trips a month.

The hike has been postponed multiple times since it was announced in May. It was initially set to take place on June 1st, but was postponed after a judge declared that the initial date did not respect “transparency or the public’s access to information.”

There have been four rate negotiations since 2011. Photo via La Nación

There have been four rate hikes since 2011. Photo via La Nación

Once Subte prices reach AR $7.50, rates will have increased by 600 percent over the past four years. There was a time when a Subte ride only cost AR $1.10 which for some is just a distant memory now and for others is simply crazy talk.

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