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The Setlist: Live Music In Buenos Aires September 27th Edition

By | [email protected] | September 28, 2016 10:04am


Gather ’round boys and squirrels! It’s nice outside and it’s time to go out into that big, beautiful, batshit crazy city of ours to support local musicians, discover your next new favorite band, and possibly date a bassist or two. Lend me your ear (and your beer) and I will tell you which bands I think are worth spending those sassy Rocas on this week.

Wednesday | September 28


Galel Maidana presents his debut LP “Honduras”

Need a midweek minimalist pop fix? “Why of course I do,” you respond, twirling your handlebar moustache. GAL, the new project by Filmmaker Galel Maidana is poised to give you just that with a show debuting his new LP “Honduras,” produced by the ever-talented and sometimes theatrical composer and musician Ulises Conti. The album is lovely, oscillating from chilled-out synthpop to spaghetti western-tinged ditties, providing the soundtrack for a perfectly tranqui weekday night out.

9 PM | ARS $120 | Xirgu Espacio Untref Chacabuco 875 | San Telmo

Thursday | September 29


Sesiones de Primavera IX: Marina Fages, Audia Valdez, Shona

Caras y Caretas continue their series featuring local artists who contribute “identity” (whatever that means) to the Buenos Aires independent music scene. Their ninth installment is composed of mainly female vocalists and musicians (aka lady badasses), headlined by Marina Fages – her last show before going on tour in Japan. She is joined by Audia Valdezthe multimedia music-based project by experimental musician/artist/clothing designer Eloisa Lopez, and the 4-piece band Shona (my personal favorite), who bring occasional — and much appreciated — Bjork vibes with their lilting vocal melodies and intriguing compositions.

9 PM | ARS $100 | Teatro Caras y CaretasSarmiento 2037 | Centro

Friday | September 30


Los Peyotes, Rocco Posca, and Carbon Copies

Itching to pogo with your rollinga brethren? Well, uh… itch…no more (sorry). Sixties throwback garage rockers Los Peyotes will be playing a set full of fuzzed out, groovy jams in San Telmo this Friday, accompanied by power trio The Carbon Copies and pop duo Rocco Posca. With a tagline like “Noche de rock expansivo y visceral,” you might want to do the grown-up thing and pack your earplugs (tinnitus ain’t no joke kids!).

11 PM | AR $100 | Kirie Music ClubBolivar 813 | San Telmo

Jessy Pollack en las Conanas

When’s the last time you heard someone sing Stevie Wonder in a bar and think “Isn’t she wonderful*?! Hell yeah!” Oh, never? Well, there’s a first time for everything. Jessy Pollack has the voice of a goddamn diva angel and she is singing mad-crazy-good covers of James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, and more alongside Ariel Zafra (guitar) and Fernando Rosso (double bass). Let it be a testament to the power of her voice that I don’t mind a John Mayer song when Jessy is singing. This is a cozy little gig with homemade food and a clandestine location in Villa Crespo, so be sure to RSVP to [email protected] to get the exact address and reserve your spot.

*My mother had my high school senior pictures set to that song for a digital slideshow and played it during my graduation party. I’m still recovering.

9:30 PM | ARS $100 | Las Conanas Villa Crespo

Saturday | October 1


Diente De Madera Presents: Nadadura

Do banjos make you swoon? Does the term “appalachian drone” stir your nether regions? Well do I have the show for you. Diente de Madera is the solo musical project of Jonah Schwartz (Los Alamos, springlizard, Val Veneto), and in his newest album Nadadura, he deconstructs four appalachian folk songs down to their dusty roots and then builds them back up again – or not. The effect is dark, hypnotic, and a bit spooky at times. Opener: Betty Blight

9 PM | ARS $90 | RosetiRoseti 722 | Chacarita


Fiesta Smiths 3rd Edition

I would go out tonight…

Was/is Morrissey the only man who understands you?  Hopefully the past tense, otherwise you’re an insufferable person. In any case, you can soak in all things Moz, Johnny Marr, and the rest of the boys this Saturday at Club V. The party’s 3rd edition will feature “Moz-friendly” DJ sets by Danny Lee and Juan Romero, vegan food (Meat is Murder, duh), and a live performance by Smiths Tribute Band “Boyfriends In A Coma.” I know, I know, it’s serious. See you there I’ll be the one cry-dancing to Hand in Glove in the corner.

12 AM | ARS $100 or 2x ARS $150 before 1 AM | Club VCorrientes 5008 | Villa Crespo