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The Setlist: Live Music in Buenos Aires, May 23rd Edition

By | [email protected] | May 23, 2018 3:51pm

The Setlist: Live Music in Buenos Aires, May 23rd Edition

The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and you no longer have to discreetly wipe sweat off your face in between beers.  It’s officially locro weather y’all! And just like our favorite local stew, this three day weekend is ready to feed our souls with a hearty serving of live music, from indie pop to krautrock to surf rock and more. See you at the shows!

Check the playlist below to get a taste of the artists featured in this week’s Setlist (at least the ones we could find on Spotify)! And don’t forget to follow The Bubble on Spotify for our weekly Setlist picks, and much more!



Aliens Garage – Vol. 1 en Salón Pueyrredón

Rock-loving humanoids take over the legendary Salón Pueyrredón for the first edition of Aliens Garage, a tailor-made night to the music taste of our new interplanetary overlords. Playing live will be self-defined folk ‘n’ roll band Excursionistas, Barilochean kawaiicore project Ice Cream ü, surf rockers Beachbreakers, instrumental rock band Zorros Petardos Salvajes, and psychedelic one man band Bam Bam Spaceship. In addition to all the live shows, there will live vinyl DJ sets, art expos, thrift store stands, and much, much more.

10 PM | AR $50 | Salon Pueyrredon | Av. Santa Fe 4560

Encuentro Imaginario: Vargas, Fito Urdaneta & Valentina Sandoval

Singer-songwriters Vargas, Fito Urdaneta, and Valentina Sandoval will be playing live in acoustic format, showcasing their new songs as a part of concert series Encuentro Imaginario. Now mind you fellas, the encounter might be imaginary but the venue is not, so be there early, since capacity is limited.

9 PM | El Imaginario Cultural | Guardia Vieja 3799

Indie-Sud Vol 1 – Hojas Secas / Lagøs / Super 1 Mundial

The long weekend is almost here, and so is your need for loud snare hits and overdriven guitars to prevent you from going insane thinking about the bottomless pit of everyday life. But don’t sweat it, fellow overworrier, because we’ve got your back as usual: indie rockers Hojas Secas, indie pop band LAGØS, and kraut-y space rock combo Super 1 Mundial will all be performing live for the first edition ever of Indie-Sud, one of the latest in the ever-growing list of concert series in this vibrant town of ours.

11 PM | AR $100 | Casa Rock Palermo | Av. Juan B. Justo 1477


Las Ligas Menores presentan ‘Fuego Artificial’ en Niceto

Famed LAPTRA indie act Las Ligas Menores are presenting their second album, the kinetic “Fuego Artificial,” at Niceto Club. Joining them in the celebration will be indie power pop combo Boedo, and lo-fi singer songwriter and fellow LAPTRA labelmate Antolín.

8 PM | AR $200 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Mauro Valenti y banda + La Vida en Familia

Synthpop artist Mauro Valenti continues to present his latest collection of songs, ‘Danza Cínica’, this time accompanied by the dark pop duo La Vida En Familia, who are presenting their self-titled debut album. In other words, the perfect night for introverts who still like to hit the dancefloor from time to time.  

9 PM | AR $130 | Club Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249

Mueran Humanos + Tildaflipers

The death pop duo Mueran Humanos bids adieu to Argentine stages before packing up their bags and returning to the old continent. They’ll be joined by the equally experimental dub project Tildaflipers. After all the doom and gloom is done, you can stay to express your existential angst by busting some killer moves during a live DJ set by Andrés Ruiz.

10 PM | AR $250 | Podestá | Armenia 1740

Jugando con FuegoCristos + Metradron + Radio Interstellar

Making a clear reference to the title of Spacemen 3’s third album, Jugando con Fuego is a new concert series that takes up and expands on the British trio’s premise, bringing together bands both within and outside the boundaries of psychedelic music. For its first edition ever, revivalist blues combo Cristos, drone-alicious space rockers METADRON, and experimental psych folk project RADIO INTERSTELLAR will all be showing their chops live and celebrating all things psychedelia.

10 PM | $100 | Naranja Verde | Av. Santa Fe 1284 (The doorbell on the left)


Nicolas Mateo + Isla Mujeres + El Mismisimo Enemigo en QI

Come celebrate the long patrio weekend at with a trio of artists that will satisfy all of your musical cravings (in case you’re not already ridiculously full after the obscene amount of locro you’ve eaten). Actor/singer-songwriter Nicolás Mateo and his new band, indie pop outfit Isla Mujeres, and pop rock band El mismísimo enemigo will be up on stage doing what they do best: looking cooler than you.

9 PM | AR $100 | Cooperativa Cultural Qi | Thames 240

Justo Antes + Contenti + La Banda de la Tormenta + Lisandro Stanfield

Ciclo Demonico is back for its 2nd edition, featuring much more demonic vibes and a couple of great bands. Performing live will be post punk band Justo Antes de la Guerra con los Esquimales (and you thought Él Mató had a name on them), synth pop songwriter Contenti, organic pop trio La Banda de la Tormenta, and singer-songwriter Lisandro Stanfield, plus art expos and the whole shebang. Entrance is $80 or a baby goat to offer to the Dark Prince.

10 PM | AR $80 | Club Plasma | Piedras 1856

Las jóvenes idealistas + Las Bermudas + BOEDØ + Julian Total

Indie rock band Las jóvenes idealistas are presenting their latest effort, LP ‘Escuela Municipal de Kayak’ at POMO, and this time they’re bringing some friends to celebrate, because why the hell not? Joining them on stage will be Julián Total (of Los Totales fame), sunny indie rockers Las Bermudas, and indie power pop combo BOEDØ.

10 PM | AR $100 | POMO, Distrito de arte | Pasaje Santa Rosa 5157

Ciclo Abismal # 13: Parodia Del Absurdo + Ex Colorado + Los Pencales

Ciclo Abismal comes back once again from the unfathomable darkness of the abyss to irrupt in our meaningless lives by bringing us an excellently curated experience that reveals in the more eclectic side of the Buenos Aires indie scene. The lineup for its thirteenth edition (superstitious folks, abstain) consists of latin hardcore funk band Parodia Del Absurdo, dreamy krautrock project Ex-Colorado, and garage surf rockers Los Pencales. In addition to this kickass lineup, you’ll be able to try some delicious noms and buy all kinds of responsibly sourced goodies straight from the producer/artist.

11 PM | AR $80 | Espacio Cultural Mi Casa | Aguero 787

Villa Ortuzar SKA FEST!!

Get those checkered pants out of the closet, it’s time to skank hard! Villa Ortuzar Ska Fest is going down at Otra Historia Club Cultural (a cool underground venue in the heart of Villa Ortúzar), featuring live shows by ska luminaries Sombrero Club, Espías Secretos, and Malambo Ska Band. After all the bands are done, the party keeps going all night with live DJ sets and more ska than you ever thought you needed. Don’t miss it, you might even get to see a flahrgunnstow with your own eyes.

10:30 PM | Otra Historia Club Cultural | Estomba 851

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