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The Setlist: Live Music in Buenos Aires, April 18th Edition

By | [email protected] | April 18, 2018 2:25pm

The Setlist: Live Music in Buenos Aires, April 18th Edition

Welcome, friends, to another installment of The Setlist: the only weekly music column that’ll both provide you with a list of all the best live shows in town and inject a healthy amount of existential dread into your Wednesday routine. But not the bad, scary, rocking-back-and-forth-in-fetal-position kind of existential dread. The good, healthy, motivating existential dread that gets you out the door and hungry to experience as much life as possible. Our time here is short, so let’s enjoy the heck out of it. We’ve got an excellent line-up of live shows for you this week.

Check the playlist below to get a taste of the bands featured in this week’s Setlist (at least the ones we could find on Spotify)! And don’t forget to follow The Bubble on Spotify for our weekly Setlist picks, and much more!

Wednesday | April 18

IndieFuertes: Libelulas, Mencho, Lenoise

IndieFuertes continues to be one of the best showcases of emerging musical talents in the Buenos Aires indie scene. This time around, the event features the desert-rock psychedelia of Mencho, the upbeat neuroses of Libelulas, and the melodic shoegaze loudness of Lenoise.

9 PM | AR $150 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Thursday | April 19

La Femme D’Argent at MALBA Joven

What better way to get your dose of live music and also feel like a worldly, cultured adult than to see a live gig at a frickin’ museum? MALBA has been hosting live shows for a while; this week, La Femme D’Argent will be taking the stage to deliver their brand of elegant, sophisticated synthpop. A great artist/venue match-up if we ever saw one.

7 PM | AR $80 | MALBA Joven | Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415

Carlos Michelini Cuarteto plays Ballads by John Coltrane

Speaking of sophisticated and cultured, here’s a great option for you jazz aficionados. Saxophonist Carlos Michelini and his quartet will be performing their rendition of John Coltrane’s seminal 1963 album at Velvet Club.

9:30 PM | AR $150 | Velvet Club | Salta 755

Friday | April 20

Agustín Donati and Solentina at El Universal

The only thing better than a live show is a free live show. Come soothe your rattled nerves with the dulcet sounds of these two acoustic-guitar-wielding singer-songwriters in the folk tradition. Agustín Donati, fresh off of recording his new album, will be playing some old favorites and debuting a few new ones at El Universal along with bluesy songstress Solentina.

9 PM | FREE | El Universal | Soria 4940

Jorge Navarro at Bebop Club

It’s not very often that we get to feature two jazz shows in the same week, so we’re stoked that we’re able to highlight jazz piano veteran Jorge Navarro‘s set at Bebop Club, where, along with double-bassist Arturo Puertas, he’ll be playing standards by George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, and Erroll Garner, among others.

9 PM | AR $250 | Bebop Club | Moreno 364

Mueran Humanos, DHD, and Cadena Nacional at Palermo Club

Argentine-born, German-residing, krautrock-inspired electro-pop duo Mueran Humanos are coming back to their native Buenos Aires for a show at Palermo Club, where they’ll be featuring bran new songs as well as old favorites. They’ll be joined by post-punkers DHD and Cadena Nacional.

11:30 PM | AR $250 | Palermo Club | Jorge Luis Borges 2454

Saturday | April 21

Bestia Bebé and Barbi Recanati at CCK

Bestia Bebé is one of the most fun and exciting bands to come from the Buenos Aires indie-rock scene, combining a penchant for poppy, anthemic hooks and a sort of wistfulness that gives their sound a poignant and slightly off-kilter feel. They’ll be playing at Centro Cultural Kirchner’s new “Rock en ascenso” series, showcasing emerging rock talents. They’re joined by former Utopians frontwoman Barbi Recanati.

8 PM | FREE | Centro Cultural Kirchner | Sarmiento 151

Duncan Reid and Juana La Loca at Liverpool

Duncan Reid, the former bassist for legendary 70s punk band The Boys, is coming to Buenos Aires to play a show with his new band The Big Heads, with whom he’s been making maddeningly catchy power-pop for a few years now. They’re supported by long-running Argentine rock band Juana La Loca.

7 PM | AR $575 | Liverpool bar palermo | Arévalo 1376

Massacre and Melian at Vorterix

Seeing Massacre live is always a good time; between frontman Wallas’s habit of addressing his audience like he’s flirting with an old fling, and their powerfully anthemic rock songs, they are one of the most consistently entertaining live acts in music. They’re releasing a new album titled Recuerdos al Futuro, and this show is the official launch party. Post-hardcore band Melian is opening.

8 PM | AR $530 | Teatro Vorterix | Av. Federico Lacroze 3455

Tricky and Altocamet at Niceto

If you’re looking for something a bit more trippy, synthy and danceable, come see legendary English trip-hop musician Tricky do his thing at Niceto, along with Mar del Plata’s electronic trio Altocamet.

9 PM | AR $800 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510

Sunday | April 22

Boom Boom Kid at Groove

Ah, good old Boom Boom Kid. Yelping, howling, not-quite-sure-if-singing, Spanish-English-and-Portuguese muttering Boom Boom Kid. Where would we be without your snappy brand of pop-punk? And the fact that you release about a dozen albums a year, each consisting of something like 30 tracks? You’re clever, prolific, and lovable, and we’ll be welping along with your two-minute jams at Groove this Sunday.

7 PM | AR $280 | Groove | Av. Santa Fé 4389

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