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The Playlist: Live Music in Buenos Aires, September 26th Edition

The Playlist is our curated, weekly roundup of live music in Buenos Aires.

By | [email protected] | September 26, 2018 4:32pm


Another week, another string of depressing socioeconomic news, another edition of the Playlist!

Heraclitus said “everything changes”, but Parmenides wrote “everything is always the same”. Which one is it? Who knows? If these geek philosophers – pardon the typo – couldn’t figure it out, I don’t know if we have to either

B.A. is changing – that much is about right. But B.A. is still the same! Perhaps we should change this city’s name to Schrödinger’s Hat… what? Oh, my bad. Schrödinger’s Rat, then. I never took physics seriously. Or Theory of Knowledge, for that matter… But who cares? Even when the roof is on fire, we classy porteños internacionales will always find reasons to party.

And for those who have renounced the world and its affairs, and locked themselves up in their apartments, for you, dear contemporary hermits, we will always have The Playlist on Spotify!


Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro

The OTFF is a massive orchestral ensemble composed of twelve virtuoso musicians and lead by the amazing voice of Julieta Laso. I know what you guys are thinking – how famous does a band need to be for a critic to shorten its name to an acronym? First, I personally identify myself with the label “soundscape sommelier” rather than the dry term, “critic”, thank you very much. On the other hand, well… the OTFF will be that famous – I mean acronym-worthy famous – soon enough. They have released five studio LP’s and one live album since 2002, and are unanimously loved by Rolling Stone magazine, so much so that they have included the OTFF’s releases as the best Argentinean albums each year they have put one out. This is tango at its rawest form: the OTFF is characterized by their crude mise en scène, their violent sonority, and their borderline communist ideals. If you’re ready to abandon your definitions of what tango is, or is supposed to be – and let go – then this show is for you.

10 PM | $250 | CAFF| Sanchez de Bustamante 764

Mi Pequeña Muerte

Another up and coming band plays at the Centro Cultura Recoleta. There isn’t that much we know about “my little death” but wouldn’t it be nice if they become like super famous and you can brag about how you saw them for free when you were young in Buenos Aires? This is what we know – they’ve been making some noise in the underground pop scene. According to a friend of a friend of my dealer – car dealer – they are a mix of the-cure-esque slow-goth power ballads and let’s-go-to-my-place synth arpeggios. But that guy can’t be trusted. So I’ll guess we’ll have to go and check them out by ourselves. Meet you back here in a week? Hey, it’s free, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to invent classy musicology terms like let’s-go-to-my-place synth arpeggios?

10 PM | free| Centro Cultural Recoleta| Junin 1930



Kasabian – for crying out loud! Oh, that’s actually the name of their last album. Have you heard it? I owe that album three of my last two sexual encounters. But more on that later. Since Jay Mehler departed the band to join Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye, Kasabian has strengthened their act with a spirit of ultimate rock friendship – something no musician chosen by Liam would understand – and have gone on to win almost all the awards they have been nominated for. They won the Q Awards “Best Act in the World Today” (a pretty cocky title, to be honest) in 2010 and 2014, and have won the “Best Live Act” prize at the Q and NME Awards repeatedly . Talk about a knock-your-socks-off guarantee. Although most “critics” – haha – have termed them an “indie rock band”, the band’s lead guitarist, Jacob Pizzorno, has publicly stated that he “hates indie bands” and that he considers their sound to be more akin to the “fuck-rock” label.

9 PM |$990 | Estadio Obras | Av. Libertador 7395


Morbo y Mambo

Isn’t this a rock band? Then why are they asking me to dance? Morbo y Mambo is a band formed in Mar del Plata in 2007 that defies the limits between rock music and the dancefloor scene. Their music gallops upon a soft and moist earth of dub-rhythms until said creature – we cannot confirm if it’s still a horse by then – jumps over hoops of psychedelic fire. Morbo y Mambo themselves have appeared repeatedly on our Playlist weekly music scene schedule – metareference! – so that our emphasis may not go unnoticed. We are speaking of  rock/dub giants of South America. Not so long ago they edited a movie together with the world-renowned engineer of roots-rock-reggae: Peter Tosh and Bob Marley’s producer, Lee Scratch Perry. And to see them live blasting our ears and melting our minds for less than 5$ dollars! What’s New York got against a recently devaluated music scene? No, but seriously, Morbo y Mambo la rompe toda, as they say. See you there!

9 PM | $200 | Centro Cultural San Isidro| Av. Juan B. Justo 1477

Bandalos Chinos

Although Bandalos Chinos has a net core sound based on rock and pop rhythms, they have evolved towards an electro-funky vibration as of late. The venue they are playing at this week, the infamous Niceto arena, has been crucial to their development. This is a band that plays with their audience, that is defined by their audience. They have an intuitive knack for adapting their sound to the leers or cheers that ooze from the edge of the stage, and in this sense Niceto has merged with their tunes as much as you will merge with theirs in Niceto. This show, then, is custom made – they have played here before, they know how their chords resound from the walls of the venue, they even know half of the people there. What am I trying to tell you? That this is a private party. But you’re invited! That’s the kind of news I dreamt of writing since I was in college, studying medicine! Even as my parents were paying my neuropsychiatry tuition, I always knew my true talent lay in music-related gossip… So, anyways, it will be rad, Chad… pop in or rock out!

9 PM | $250 | Niceto Club| Niceto Vega 5510


Rapper School

From Peru, with latin vibes and mystical beats, the rappers Street, Warrior and Norick form the group Rapper School. The band started rapping together when the members were just 15 years old (hence their name, Rapper School) and in 2005 DJ Deportado joined them to achieve the pinnacle of South American Rap. Their songs and style are heavily marked by social lyrics about living in the edge between the ghetto of Lima, with its constant social reform and search of identity, and the Puccalpian jungle mythos, including the vast commentaries on their legendary pharmacopea. Having managed to pull the moniker of “renowned band” in their native country, they have now just landed in Ezeiza to introduce themselves to the rap latino community in B.A. Let’s see what they’ve got.

6 PM | $400 | Beatflow Music Club| Cordoba 5509


The Native-American visionary Beautiful Painted Arrow, spiritual heir of the Tiwa and Uteh peoples, has been teaching that “sound is the only means we have to create without destruction”. Well, the German trash metal band Destruction puts that adage to the test. This is not their first time in Buenos Aires. They’ve wrecked havoc here before. Now opening in front of a bigger, revolutionized fan base, and playing live at the Vorterix theatre, Destruction in Buenos Aires will sound like heaven to any true trash metal fans among us.

6 PM | $900 | Teatro Vorterix | Av. Federico Lacroze 3455