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The Playlist: Live Music in Buenos Aires, September 19th Edition

The Playlist is our curated, weekly roundup of live music in Buenos Aires.

By | [email protected] | September 19, 2018 4:21pm

God Save The Queen live at Campo PequenoDios D

Buenos Aires, a city that has millions of things to do each week, but how do you choose? Here I select the best and most varied of options of what to do if you want to see a live music show. Spring time is officially here, and with this new season, many latin and reggae bands come out of hibernation. Time to get your dancing shoes on, as this week the vibrant south American beats will get to you.


Sublime with Rome

For the first time in Argentina, Sublime with Rome arrives to revive the flame for all 90s ska lovers. It is a music collaboration between Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh from Sublime and Rome Ramírez (the Rome in Sublime with Rome). They will be presenting songs form “Yours Truly” and “Silence at Teatro Flores” in a night filled with ska, reggae and punk. It is a really special occasion to honor songs that we haven’t heard live since Nowells’ death.

7 PM | $1.000 | El Teatro Flores| Av. Rivadavia 7800



This band, not only spreads messages filled with love and optimism, but they can make you dance. Their music is mainly inspired by reggae beats and of course Bob Marley. They’ve toured almost everywhere in Latin America where you can find people with dreadlocks. It’s the perfect kind of music to listen to by the Rio de la Plata, but this time they’ll be playing in a small private theatre called La Trastienda.

9 PM | $450| La Trastienda Samsung| Balcarce 460



Nicky Jam

Nicky jam is from Boston, Massachusetts even though he doesn’t look it (his family is form Puerto Rico). His sings in Spanish and started rapping since he was just a little kid, being discovered at the age of eleven. He’s gone on to win many awards including a Grammy. The almost latin artist will present his famous hits in GEBA making all his Argentinian followers vibrate in an unforgettable night.

9 PM |$1000 | GEBA | Marcelino Freyre 3831

Carmen Costa

This Mexican bands’ name is a tribute to a well known Brazilian singer and composer. They’ve been on the rise for almost ten years and they have slowly made a name for themselves. They are influenced by rock, pop, psicodelia, garage, folk and alternative country music. This wild combination of things is what makes this band have a special type of essence. For less than US$4 you can see what they’re about.  

9 PM | $150 | La Confitería| Av. Federico Lacroze 2963


Boom Boom Kid

This one man band was formed by Carlos Rodriguez, formerly know as Nekro from Fun People. The band is an alternative rock band, with influences of rockabilly, psychobilly, hardcore and psychedelic punk.  Boom Boom Kids’ new album titled “El disco del verano” came out a couple of months ago, and now is the opportunity to hear it live. He will also be playing all the songs that marked his career.

7 PM | $250 | Casa Rock Palermo | Av. Juan B. Justo 1477


Tobogán Andaluz

Tobogán Andaluz had its beginnings in 2010 as a solo project by Facu Tobogán when he recorded several songs in an acoustic lo-fi format. He later met his other band members and the trio settled in La Plata. They later become one of the most important bands of the indie rock movement. They’re influenced by British pop and their fourth studio album finally came with the name “Fire in the ships”.

9 PM | $250 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317



Dios Salve a la Reina

Dios Salve a la Reina is a tribute band dedicated solely to Queen. For the first time ever they present their show “Wembley” in Buenos Aires. They will be acting out the last show that Freddy Mercury played live with his band. You probably never got the chance to see Queen live, and you wont ever be able to, since their iconic leader passed on to a better life. This the next best thing, and if you squint your eyes you can imagine it’s the real Freddy Mercury.

9.30 PM | $1000 | Teatro Gran Rivadavia| Av. Rivadavia 8636


Marc Anthony

If you don’t know why he’s so famous, then you should go. If you don’t understand what J-Lo saw in him, then you should go. This man surprises all, and seeing him sing makes you understand why all these latin moms go bat shit crazy when they hear his name. Marc Anthony will be singing at GEBA on his Legacy Tour, you should go.

9PM | $1500 | GEBA| Marcelino Freyre 3831