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The Perfect Presidential Candidate? BA Governor Vidal Has Paltry AR$740,000 To Her Name

By | [email protected] | September 1, 2016 5:01pm


Buenos Aires Governor María Eugenia Vidal is basically living in poverty. OK, that’s an exaggeration but compared to other allies of President Mauricio Macri she basically has no money. Her assets add up to AR$740,000, which is 0.67 percent of what Macri himself declared that he was worth in 2015.

When Vidal’s sworn statements were made public today it was shocking just how little the governor of Argentina’s largest and most populous province actually owns. And most of the actual physical things she owns, she doesn’t really hold outright but splits 50-50 with her ex-husband, Morón Mayor Ramiro Tagliaferro.

Here’s the rundown of Vidal’s assets:

  • Fifty percent of a property in the Buenos Aires province district of Castelar. The property has a fiscal value of AR$372,539 and was purchased through a mortgage on which she still owes AR$155,538.
  • Fifty percent of a car valued at AR$210,000
  • Fifty percent of a checking account with a balance of AR$111,149
  • Fifty percent of a savings account with a balance of AR$148,056
  • A bank account with a balance of AR$68,535
  • A total of AR$250,000 in cash

Any natural skeptic will assume all the assets are in her ex-husband’s name. Not quite. He’s worth even less than she is at a paltry AR$550,000, according to the sworn statements.

Sure, Vidal obviously has no clue how to invest (why so much cash, María Eugenia?!) but she also has no dollar-denominated holdings, an impressive feat in a country obsessed with the greenback. Earlier this year, Vidal signed a law that forces the governor, her deputy and ministers, among others, to publish their sworn statements online.

No wonder Vidal was eager to make her assets public, she apparently has nothing to hide. That could come as quite an advantage if—as many are speculating—the governor’s office is nothing more than a launching pad toward the presidency. Assuming, of course, her net worth doesn’t suddenly increase exponentially while she is in office…