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The Must Have Apps For Every Buenos Aires Newbie

By | [email protected] | April 4, 2016 9:28pm


Here’s a technological starter pack of sorts to help you get the most out of your new life in Buenos Aires.

Getting along with the language

Despite the fact that Argentina has one of the highest numbers of non-native English speakers in the world, getting around in the city can still be a bit of a challenge.

Google Translate sounds obvious, but the app goes beyond the web based platform so many of us copied and pasted our way into getting to know. Beyond simply translating text, the app can translate voice or even images in real time. It’s simple to use, you just type in or select the input method, and Google will do its magic for you. Great for menus, street signs and awkward taxi rides.

google image

Learning the local lingo

Duolingo will help you to learn Spanish from scratch. It’s ease of use makes it the best choice for learning almost any language. Solid option for those looking to go beyond understanding that “che” means “hey man” here.


The second most important thing you have to do if you are new to the city is grabbing a bite to eat. Luckily there is probably a cafe or a pub a minimum of a block from you. For those days you don’t feel like miming your way through your dinner order, consider the following.

Guía Oleo

Guia Oleo is in many ways the Argentine incarnation of Yelp! and has the best information in town. You can search for every restaurant, pub or cafe in the city.

You can also check out their website.


Ordering In

If you want to opt for delivery, then you should try PedidosYa! Best part is not having to make the awkward phone call. Trouble shooting can be tackled via live instant message. Another point for Google translate.

Buying Stuff

Once you’ve mastered Spanish and have your stomach full; it’s time to buy stuff. Whatever you need or want, you can find it on MercadoLibre, aka the Ebay of the Global South. Easy to use, you can purchase both new and used items.


Seriously you can buy almost anything.

Alternative: Let Go, you can buy things from people near you, and it’s a nice way to also get to know your neighbors.

Tip: remember to make the exchange in a public place (if it’s a person selling the item) and don’t forget to check the user’s rating. Also keep an eye out for counterfeit bills when doing transactions in cash.


Moving around in Buenos Aires can be a bit challenging, but public transport is good and cheap. The best app for this purpose is Cómo llego. Developed by the city government, it has the most updated and accurate information.


Alternative: Google Maps works quite well and is getting better everyday. It has real time information on traffic but can still give you a less than efficient routes to take. Best practice is to compare both and see what the best way to go for the trip at hand.

Meeting people

Tinder will help you find that special someone – for a couple hours at least.

We know that you probably already have Tinder on your phone (don´t tell us you don’t). It’s the best (read: most widely used) dating app out there and is admirably user-friendly. Apparently it’s a simple question of swiping left or right.


Alternative: OKCupid is a good option and has a decent community of users.

That being said, starting a conversation in a bar is also an awesome way to meet real people. Yeah, people still do that here.