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The Man Behind the Blog: El Gordo Cocina

By | [email protected] | April 26, 2018 3:22pm


Who doesn’t like to follow a random smattering of food-based accounts on Instagram? Whether it’s because we actually want to learn how to cook, or if it’s just to lovingly gaze (or drool over) at food while in the office, it’s up for debate. Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure, we are now much more likely to look to social media for a quick hit of foodspiration.

With plenty of people talking about clean eating and veganism across the internet (the trend doesn’t seem to have hit critical mass in Argentina just yet), it’s certainly refreshing to follow an account that’s simply about enjoying effortless, delicious comfort food, without any health-related preaching.

El Gordo Cocina, one of Argentina’s most popular Instagrammers, was able to briefly put down both the wooden spoon and his smartphone to talk to The Bubble about life as a food influencer.

Levantá esta tarde gris y lluviosa con unos waffles con crema de vainilla y frutillas SIN AZÚCAR! Batís 1 huevo, le agregás 1/2 cucharada de aceite de maíz, coco o girasol, 1 chorrito de leche, 2 sobres o 1 cucharadita de @_hileret Stevia y unas 5 cucharadas de harina leudante. Cuando tengas una mezcla lisa y un poco más espesa que una de panqueques (si la ves muy líquida, agregá más harina de a cucharadas), calentá la wafflera y volcá unas 2 cucharadas en cada espacio. Cociná los waffles hasta que estén dorados y mientras mezcla un par de cucharadas de queso crema con un chorrito de esencia de vainilla y un poco más de Stevia (a gusto). Servilos inmeditamente con la crema, frutillas o lo que más te guste y listo, a disfrutar! #SinAzucar #LasMeriendasDelGordo

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Providing countless appetizing meal options, his feed is the go-to place for fuss-free, mouth-watering everyday food. Foodie fans can be sure that the recipes are simple, take little time to make, and best of all, contain ingredients that are easy to find in an average grocery store (no more trekking to Barrio Chino for that one obscure, but essential, spice).

Víctor García is the ex-marketing professional behind the El Gordo Cocina account. Not really a gordo at all, he is more of a flaco than the username might suggest. Having always been passionate about eating, Víctor learned how to cook as a result of simply being hungry and wanting to have access to high quality, delicious, and easy food. Initially beginning his account as a hobby almost three years ago, (back in June 2015), it was a platform that allowed him to share photos of his creations and recipes for reference. Within a year, the account had taken off and has been growing in popularity ever since, now boasting a little over 400,000 followers.

Clearly very successful with his chosen path as a food influencer, Víctor knows a thing or two about running social media accounts and ensuring they thrive. For the few days when he is not busy in the kitchen, alongside his business parter Alex, he offers up help to businesses looking to improve their digital presence as well as grow their communities.

When asked about his favorite meal, Víctor is elusive; a common dilemma for all food lovers is of course how to narrow down so many enticing options. Suggesting a passion for all foods and meal times, when forced to choose, he enthusiastically picks breakfast. Originally from Venezuela, he tells us that breakfast there is often a hearty meal of meat and carbohydrates, distinguishing itself from the minimal porteño favorite of coffee and a medialuna. Usually opting for one of his Instagram-ready toasted creations, El Gordo is happy to eat something in the middle. A fan of Argentine cuisine, he also harbors a love for milanesas, which for many are the staple of an easy and tasty dinner.

A confessed lover of comfort food, known as comida casera, a quick scroll through his posts confirms this; images of melted cheese, pasta, and bacon often take center stage, which is enough to make anyone experience hunger pangs at all hours of the day. Next time you’re killing time on Instagram, pop over to his feed and get ready to drool.

Living in one of Latin America’s most exciting culinary hubs, you might wonder where does a cook and foodie influencer go to eat? Refusing to name a favorite restaurant, Víctor instead insisted that at the moment, Buenos Aires is filled with so many delicious options that it would be impossible to pick just one. Instead, he said that in the future he would like to see more people enjoying cooking from home, adding that homemade food means people have control over what they are eating, resulting in more tasty, healthy, and of course, cheaper options.


If all this talk of being a food influencer has you thinking about making a career change, Víctor’s number one piece of advice is to choose a subject you feel truly passionate about. He added that it has to be something you’ll never tire of doing; you have to be able to leave your cozy bed early each morning and feel motivated to work tirelessly all day. He then added he practically wakes up cooking and doesn’t stop, spending most of his time publishing content and developing new recipes. With lots of us becoming more aware of the hours spent in front of a screen or connected to social media, I asked if he makes any time to completely switch off. Replying that he doesn’t tear himself away from his smartphone too much, he is happiest receiving positive comments about his recipes or photos of followers’ recreations.

Promising that the remainder of the year will be filled with surprises, we can look out for his first book to be published, along with some other projects he won’t reveal just yet. If you’re keen to sample some of his creations, head along to El Almacén de Pizza (Av. Cerviño 3732) to taste his specially devised seasonal pizzas for their Fall Coolinary Season. For those who haven’t been before, it is an initiative centered on a well-known chef or influencer’s chosen pizza topping. El Gordo’s Fall edition pizza is a mouth-watering combination of cherry tomatoes, pancetta, potatoes, and parmesan cheese.


If you haven’t yet, be sure to give El Gordo Cocina a follow on Instagram. Also take a look at his website, Twitter and Facebook page for any and all food-related updates.