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The Hot Shooters Bring Swing Music to Modern Day Buenos Aires

The band has found a following thanks to old time instruments and catchy tunes

By | [email protected] | September 18, 2018 6:10pm


As you settle in and get ready to read the following story, tune in with this specially-curated Spotify playlist created by the Hot Shooters themselves. And don’t forget to follow The Bubble on Spotify while you’re at it!

So you might think the Hot Shooters are sort of a rarity in the Buenos Aires music circuit. After all, all but one song on their repertoire is sung in english and they play a style of music that had it’s peak popularity about 80 years ago, more or less. They have a guy playing a cleaning device known as washboard, for Christ’s sake. But take a closer look and you’ll find that there’s a booming interest in this kind of jazzy, swing music all over the city, with several dancing spots available in different barrios and bands like the Hot Shooters, La Familia de Ukeleles and the Bourbon Sweethearts  bringing their own takes on the genre to the porteño audiences.

If you were to simply listen to the Hot Shooters (or any of the aforementioned bands in that case) in Spotify without getting a glimpse of what they look like, you might think the four guys that play this music are old, grey haired lads. But as the picture at the top of the article might hint, the guys are quite young. The band was originally formed by Luciano Pellegrini on the washboard, Julián Cerdeira on the tenor guitar and Pedro Alvide on the clarinet, with Iván Viaggio taking over bass duties in 2018 for good. They all have plenty of experience playing all sorts of genre in the past, from folklore to cuban music, from brazilian music to rock, before settling on this genre for which they share a commmon love.

“What’s special about us is the vocal group style, we harmonize three or four voices at a time and that comes from a particular time in jazz history that isn’t revisited too often”, explains Iván- “Swing music usually focuses more on instruments and not voices”. The band found inspiration in bands such as The Mills Brothers , a quartet that revolutionized jazz in the early 30s with their vocal stylings. This sort of vocal work, as well as the fact that most of it is sung in english has been a challenge for the band members, none of who had ever taken singing lessons before. But judging by their success to date, they seem to have lived up to the task with flying colors.

The Hot Shooters recently launched their first album, called “Meet the Hot Shooters” which they premiered in Thelonious Club in front of a packed audience (you can find the whole album in the Spotify playlist on top). They have been rolling through the music circuit since, with gigs at places like Virasoro and Café Vinilo playing host to their shows. Their concerts have a festive feel that differs from most of the jazz concerts you can catch in the city on any given night, and that’s exactly what the Hot Shooters are looking for. “Jazz was once dance music and we wish to pursue that kind of spirit once again”, explains Julián, while Luciano sums it up with a simple idea: “We like to have fun on stage and people sense that energy and the music is better because of that”.

The Hot Shooters will next open for Inés Estevez on her upcoming concert on Saturday the 22nd.

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