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The Cadena Nacional: Season 07, Episode 25

By | [email protected] | June 11, 2015 11:53am


It was June 10 yesterday and you know what that means! (Actually you don’t know what that means but that’s OK). As it turns out, yesterday was the Día de la afirmación de los Derechos Argentinos sobre las Malvinas, Islas y Sector Antártico. Also known as: “Yo, fools! This is a reminder that the Malvinas Islands belong to us” Day.

So yesterday’s message was somber and contained a lot of nationalistic chest-thumping, one of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s favorite activities, along with tweeting and presidenting.

Her message, albeit interrupted a few times by the Cámpora Boys and their hypnotic chant, was clear: Argentina will not stop reclaiming the Malvinas Islands no matter what. Oh, since we’re on the subject (or not) the vulture funds are circling the skies and their legal spear, New York Judge Thomas Griesa, will not stop until this country is financially devastated since he just allowed in another flock of dollar-hungry vultures.

So no, there was no dancing involved. No jokes. No nothing. She once again urged the UK to listen to the United Nations and return to the negotiating table. In fact, she even said David Cameron made an “uneducated” move by interrupting Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman during the CELAC-EU summit.

Speaking from the Malvinas Museum, the President also unveiled a cheap-looking lighthouse (sorry, I agree with the cause but I think that lighthouse looks terrible) with the word Sovereignty on it “in order to remind people and foreign visitors” that the country never stops fighting those who are “illegally occupying and exploiting” the islands.

A few highlights from her speech:


  • “On this day we must not only reaffirm our territorial sovereignty, but also a nation’s political dignity”.
  • “It looks like some (UN) resolutions are stronger when they target the weak, and some resolutions  are a lot less strong when they target the powerful”.
  • “The British government has carefully disobeyed all UN resolutions calling for both countries to resume dialogue”.
  • Regarding the British government’s claims that they feel “threatened” by Argentina’s demands over the Malvinas, Cristina replied that “the only weapon we have – and one we will never give up – is our voice, our demand. The voice of all Argentines will be present all the time in international forums”.
  • “The Foreign Minister once again asked the UK to comply with UN resolutions… and the British prime minister once again replied, even though he had already spoken, and even in an uneducated way, replied to our minister”.
  • “Colonialism still exists”.


  • Regarding Griesa’s decision to acknowledge the demands of the so-called “me too” creditors, she said Argentina is “willing to pay 100 percent of the bondholders, as long as its done in equal conditions to all of them. If we were to pay that figure we’re being punished to pay, we would be paying to seven percent of the creditors almost half of what we are paying the 93 percent of the bondholders that joined the credit default swap”.