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The Cadena Nacional: Season 07, Episode 22

By | [email protected] | May 24, 2015 5:30pm


Yes. Another Cadena Nacional this week, although this one was strangely interesting since all it showed was President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner walking behind a historical saber that belonged to one of Argentina’s forefathers, José de San Martín.

The whole thing felt awkward at times due to its uneven pace, but many also considered it a moment of historical relevance since it saw the traditional sable corvo (or “curved saber”) return to its original resting place.

It also resembled those classic scenes from The West Wing when everyone walks and talks in front of the camera for like five minutes.

Watch the Cadena below, and then a few highlights about why the saber’s fate was so important.

OK so first of all, if you don’t know who José de San Martín was, here’s his Wikipedia page.

Read it and learn. He’s considered a liberator and freedom fighter in Latin America along with Simón Bolivar as independence was spreading throughout the region, and one of Argentina’s forefathers.

His saber had been resting in the Museo Histórico Nacional (the National Historical Museum) in Parque Lezama, in San Telmo, but in 1967 dictador Juan Carlos Onganía decided to have it transferred to the headquarters of the General San Martín Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers in Palermo.

Through a resolution published last Thursday on the Official Gazette, Cristina decided to bring it back to where it belonged.

It today’s Cadena (which denoted epic and a lot of pomp), Cristina welcomed the saber outside the museum and walked by its side as a grenadier carried it to its new display case.

The full ceremony took over two hours and cameras followed the curved saber during the entire trip from Palermo to San Telmo as people cheering from the side of the road.

If you’re feeling curious, here you go.