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The Cadena Nacional: Season 07, Episode 17

By | [email protected] | May 7, 2015 7:01pm


This week’s Cadena Nacional from Chaco, featuring President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, was rather disappointing. Yes, it was one of those filler episodes. And while she did yell, mention her son and (as usual) indirectly criticize the media and others, there was no meaningful announcement involved.

She also sent a message to those looking to run for president and asked them to be humble, because, you know.

Today we even saw former Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich sitting right next to her in an effort to show that she’s not mad at him after he quit last year. She even praised him! Which in kirchnerite terms that’s, like, a major life achievement or something.

Here’s the video, some highlights are below.

  • So, the usual stuff. First, the excuse to speak on Cadena Nacional: the official inauguration of a children’s hospital in Chaco (where we are always hearing malnourished children starve to death), a hospital that the President says has been celebrated by the international organization Save the Children. In fact, she says that Argentina is the best country in Latin America to be a mother. Which is great.
  • In a totally unscripted moment, someone from the audience asked her to let her son Máximo run for office. “Did Máximo send you?” she joked, or maybe not. “Máximo doesn’t need my blessing to run. He can do it by himself. No one carrying a little of our (political) blood in their veins needs anyone else to tell them what they have to do” she replied.
  • And then she talked about the coming elections and send a message to all those dreaming of becoming president or governors this year. “Think of how much easier it would be, not only for a party but also for a country, if we all took a bath of humility”. Time to leave behind personal egos, she said.
  • She then thanked former Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich, who is now running for mayor of Resistencia, the capital of Chaco and she said is an “example of humility”. She said that “while she was going through a rough time (her brain surgery in 2013), he didn’t hesitate one second to become Cabinet Chief after she asked him”. Nice campaign bump, eh? She also said after he became governor of Chaco in 2007 he managed to “transform Chaco”.
    Last but not least, when describing her job, she warned that if you want to be president in Argentina, “you need to run that marathon everyday in this country, our country. This isn’t for softies or the weak or those who start running after a newspaper cover. If you think that, man, quit the race because you’ll never make it.

Additional reporting by Juan Brodersen.