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The Cadena Nacional: Season 06 Episode 11

By | [email protected] | April 29, 2014 3:30pm


President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner regaled us with yet another Cadena Nacional this week, and this time it was terribly boring. If mostly felt like that Economy class you always hated in college only this time the teacher was Cristina.

The point of today’s Cadena was to make two major announcements:

  • A debt restructuring deal with seventeen provinces which will “improve their financial situation.”
  • The creation of the Fondear program, a $10 billion program that will finance companies looking to develop projects related to technological innovation.



I know, right? Zzzzzzzzzzz…

But not all is lost, since she still offered us the infamous “bonus track” message that has become her thing now. You know, once the Cadena is officially over and she heads out to the patio of the Casa Rosada and talks to the militants? That one. Yeah, that’s the one you want to pay attention to because some say that’s the core of the message. And by “some” I’m talking about myself, obviously.

As translated by the Buenos Aires Herald:


“You need to go out as real preachers, house by house, in the neighbourhoods, in universities, in unions, in the streets,” the head of state told supporters at Government House minutes after a speech transmitted via national broadcast.”


And if you’re looking for anecdotal, here’s a few minutes before the Cadena started, when a rebellious Argentine flag almost ruined the whole thing.



The best part of that gem? The conversation between the President and a man who seems to be one of her aides while the announcer is still speaking:


Aide: Madam President, are you OK?


President: I’m OK. I don’t know if  any of you will be OK later, but I’m OK.


Don’t mess with the President.


(Feature photo via Telam)