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The Bubble Podcast – Bursting the News: June 5, 2015

By | [email protected] | June 5, 2015 11:25pm


On this week’s edition

  • The #NiUnaMenos march against femicides is joined by 800 thousand people in Buenos Aires alone…we discuss if this is a turning point in the fight against gender violence.
  • Jorge Lanata comes back to prime time TV and puts Nisman back on the agenda. For a couple of days, at least.
  • Is Massa dropping his presidential bid? And if he does, who benefits from it? June 10 is the deadline to register alliances and the clock is ticking for candidates to make up their mind.
  • Statistics and IMF; Copa America…and more!

Hosts: Bianca Fernet and Fernando Farías. Production and Sports: Demian Bio. Board op: Juan Figuerola.