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The Bubble News Seeks Deputy Editor

By | [email protected] | September 12, 2014 10:51am



The Bubble News seeks an energetic go-getter with excellent English skills to serve as Deputy Editor during an exciting time for the company. This is a part time paid position.

The Bubble is a digital media company dedicated to covering news and events in (for now) Argentina, with grandiose plans that include television, radio, podcasts, and expansion into additional Latin American markets.

The Deputy Editor’s responsibilities will include:

• Reading a good old fashioned paper newspaper daily and following ongoing and breaking news stories in Argentina.
• Assigning daily articles to interns and other contributors 
• Editing all web articles according to the style guide
• Assuring that a minimum number of daily articles are posted
• Collaborating with other senior staff members regarding multimedia content under development (video, radio, newsletters, etc).
• Holding down the fort — spending four hours per day, four days per week in The Bubble’s newsroom. These hours can be discussed, and defined based on your schedule
• Working with the heads of digital strategy and PR/marketing
• Distributing incentives (aka swag) to interns and contributors
• Reporting to the company on progress and collaborating with the senior staff to put in place incentives to increase content and quality

Compensation will consist initially of a meager stipend in addition to ownership participation in the company, so basically a pittance and hopes and dreams and unicorns*.

As we increase advertising and profitability, this stipend will grow less meager and full and fat. 

Though not a requirement, the Deputy Editor can choose to be involved in the business decision making of the company, including fundraising and outreach both within the upper echelons of Argentine media, as well as with the finance and investor community worldwide. 

This is an exciting opportunity for a hard worker looking for a challenge and a chance to be part of the next big thing in digital media.

Compensation: ARS $1500 plus company participation.

For more information, please contact  [email protected]

*We currently cannot afford a real unicorn, so we will likely substitute a small pony with a paper cone taped to its forehead.