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The Bubble Breakdown On Where To Get The Best Coffee In Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | April 10, 2017 9:34am


You’ve finally fallen for the specialty coffee wave, and have moved from the traditional cortado to the more intense and trendy flat white. You’ve tried almost everything on the chalkboard, from the classical americano to the more scientific sounding names like the “V60”. Every coffee shop has its own way to make the drinks they offer and with so many quality coffee shops popping out around town, how do you know which one has the best of each drink? The Bubble is here to guide you through the Buenos Aires specialty coffee maze.

The real Espresso is Lattente’s masterpiece

No one knows more about coffee than the Lattente crew does. These specialty coffee pioneers have managed to curate their little coffee shop, a place of worship for the black bean summarized on their straightforward slogan: “Aquí el café no es joda” (“Coffee isn’t a joke here”). No wifi, no newspaper, no comfy couches: you’re here to get down to business and enjoy your cup of Joe.

It is only logical that they perfectly manage the art of espresso. If it’s espresso that gives you your superpowers every morning, go to Lattente. Apart from the house’s traditional Colombian Blend you can order your espresso with the different specialty coffees they feature every week. Remember there is a second Lattente branch in Plaza Italia subte station, so no excuses: you can get your daily dose of caffeine on the way work.

Felix Felicis Flat White. Photo by Catherine Quiroga

Felix Felicis Flat White. Photo by Catherine Quiroga

For a sharp and generous Flat White go to Felix

What you are looking for in a flat white is exactly what a cortado often lacks: intensity. Why? Because unlike the cortado, or the latte, in a flat white it is the coffee that does most of the talking, not the milk. Two shots of espresso are topped with a gentle foam that only helps enhancing the sharpness of the coffee. So, which is our favorite?

We have to admit the choice was hard, but we finally fell for Felix Felicis flat. Why? Well, for starters Felix works with two of the best products in town: Lab’s and Lattente’s beans. But here, unlike in its fellow coffee shops, the pleasure of drinking a perfectly intense flat white can last longer, because their serving is delightfully generous.

Lab is your place for an ideal Iced Coffee

Let’s be clear on something. Coffee that has gone cold and iced coffee are two completely different things. The first one we all know, tastes terrible. The second one though, despite it also being cold, has a soothing refreshing effect. So, what’s the difference? The first one has oxidized and has therefore gone stale, while the second one is a completely fresh and full bodied espresso shot, served on the rocks. Now that you know the difference, and while the weather is still sunny and warm, why don’t we tell you where to get the best of it?

And the answer of course is Lab – Tostadores de Café. Their cold brew isn’t a traditional iced coffee as it doesn’t consist of an espresso shot poured over ice. Lab’s cold brew is actually a cold coffee infusion, which assures the intensity of the aromas and maintains the heavy bodied texture. Forget about the melting ice diluting your espresso. Lab’s cold brew comes in a cute, little brown bottle that you can take with you.

For a spicy boost go to Ninina

Ninina has gained a reputation for its insanely delicious desserts, and the quality of their fresh – occasionally organic – products. What a lot of people don’t know, is that this popular Palermo spot also serves an exceptional cup of coffee. The beans come straight from San Telmo’s favorite specialty coffee shop, and one of the very first to get into the 3rd coffee wave in Buenos Aires: Coffee Town.

The menu was recently renovated and we couldn’t help but notice one particular addition: the Iced Ninina. OK, sure, it’s iced coffee again. But it is also more than that: this preparation is a boost to the senses. What is it exactly made of? Two shots of espresso, brown sugar syrup,  a gentle touch of Jamaican pepper and the subtle touch of an orange slice. It sounds bold and crazy, but if you’re looking for a new flavor experience, this is what you’ll be drinking the rest of the year.

For the organic product pay a visit to Negro

We had previously mentioned Negro, referring to it as a coffee oasis at the very heart of Microcentro. We also mentioned the quality of their product, but what we didn’t tell you is that Negro’s beans – Puerto Blest beans – are also organic. Yes, every cup that you order here is made with top selected beans from coming from small farms around the world. So, which is our favorite preparation in here? Honestly, we haven’t made up our mind. The almond flavored cappuccino is something different, and completely worth trying. But a classical espresso or a filtered cup of Joe are also perfectly good ways to taste the house’s fair trade bean. Good news is both Negro’s beans and ground coffee can also be purchased to take home with you. If you don’t have a grinder, simply specify which machine you’ll be using, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Happy sipping!