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Teenager In Hurlingham Steals Father’s Car And Runs Over, Kills Baby

By | [email protected] | September 28, 2016 4:15pm


The Greater Buenos Aires neighborhood of Hurlingham was reeling today after news that an 18-year-old took his father’s car out for a ride without permission and fatally ran over an 18-month-old baby who was playing on the sidewalk in the Greater Buenos Aires neighborhood of Hurlingham. The driver did not have a license and there was evidence of alcohol and drugs in his system.

The accident took place at 6 PM yesterday, when the teenager stole the family Chevrolet Corsa and hit the sidewalk at high speed, going over and crashing into two parked cars. That’s when he also struck the baby, who was playing with his sister outside. Although the driver tried to escape, he was apprehended by local residents, beaten up and taken to the nearest police station, where he is currently being held for culpable homicide. Analyses found that he had an alcohol level of 0.76, higher than the 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood.

“The young man didn’t know how to drive very well at all, he was going in circles and the car stopped all the time. We went to fetch his father so he could take the car from him and when we came back he had run over the little boy,” said one of the neighbors, Carlos.

The baby boy, identified as Máximo Benjamín Escalada, was taken to the Hospital Posadas but died of his injuries in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

“It was obvious that a tragedy was going to happen because these kids get together, drink beer and do drugs and grab cars or motorcycles, using these streets as racetracks. The little boy wasn’t even on the street, he was on the sidewalk and the car crashed onto him,” said a local resident to the local paper, No Ficción.