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People love good deals. And it doesn’t get much better than a 1-peso smartphone. The corner of Lavalle and Florida in downtown Buenos Aires was a bit of a madhouse this morning as people clamored to get their hands

Think twice before buying your next empanada because it could cost more than your next smartphone. As a promotion for its latest store opening in downtown Buenos Aires, Huawei will be selling 300 Y6 Smartphones for the reasonable sum of

The Argentine Internet Observatory (OIA) sent news outlets into spasms of voyeuristic horror with its release of a report showing that internet searches for pornography in Argentina have increased by 45 percent in the last two years, superseding any other

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally come. Pokemon Go, the app that has taken the world by storm, has launched in Argentina. You can now download the app from the Android and Apple stores.

A few minutes before …

Buenos Aires’s science and technology extravaganza will open its doors starting this Thursday, August 4th and will be packing in all the awesome nerdy action through to the end of the month.


If you’ve never been, you’re in for an

On my third night in Buenos Aires, one of my housemates found my Tinder. He was a better coquette than I, and an expert deployer of emoji flirt bombs, so I watched as he proceeded to net about seven guys …

Alejandro Estrada, an Argentine entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, launched the new version of iBillionaire on international app stores last week. This is Alejandro’s third company he has founded, the first two – DineroMail and – were greatly successful