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Tebori Sushi: Rock And Maki-Rolls

By | [email protected] | November 25, 2014 12:22pm


In the pastel colored wasteland we now call Palermo, a hungry soul can find themselves wandering in vain when searching for solid food with genuine personality. Tebori Sushi serves up both in spades every Monday and Tuesday at the landmark rockero hotspot Mundo Bizarro (Serrano 1222).

Resulting from a culinary journey that reads like an edgier version of Eat, Pray, Love – Tebori is the product of one bad ass young woman’s travels to Portugal, Japan, and New York. This sushi showcase is lead by Agustina Vanhoutte, who learned the art of selecting the best cuts of fish while working at one of the top seafood restaurants in Lisbon. Years of hands on training in one of the world’s epicenters for seafood badassery provided Vanhoutte with a solid foundation to perfect the art of sushi making.

And perfect it she has. You might not expect to find legitimate sushi being served in an establishment known for its mix of old school rock & roll, vintage porn videography, and cocktails that are as innovative as they are mind altering – but in a city that never ceases to keep you guessing, that is exactly what we have here.

Sushi that isn’t messing around or banking on cheap tricks to get your attention. Real ingredients, fresh cuts of the classic fish varieties you’ve come to expect, prepared by someone who clearly knows what they are doing and actually cares (also not a small feat in this town).

The menu covers the standard bases – salmon is served up with everything from Philadelphia cream cheese (which apparently doubles as crack for any Porteño sushi fan) to citrus infused guacamole, but again it’s the quality that is noteworthy here. When asked about what keeps people coming in for more Vanhoutte says she thinks it’s her focus and priority on freshness. Not content to stick with the standard “I’d like my food to not give my clients food poisoning (that they can trace back to me)” this rockera sushi chef has put time and energy into building relationships with the right vendors and takes her time in picking out the best of that mornings catch.

The other reason I’m recommending this place: the service. Taking full advantage of the smaller scale of their operation Vanhoutte and her team are able to respond quickly to the needs and taste preferences of their public. On top of that they seem to genuinely give a sashimi about the experience their patrons are having. Requests are taken seriously, special orders can even be made with a little notice, and any wrongs that might find their way onto a table are promptly righted with competence and tact.

You might think being served sushi by people with an appreciation for eyeliner and tattoos was the rebellious novelty at play here, but I would argue that isn’t the case. These guys have managed to offer what very few in this town can – delicious no bullsh*t sushi, in an setting that is actually interesting, at a price that doesn’t make you want to perform harakiri on yourself.

Tebori SushiMondays and Tuesdays at Mundo Bizarro (Serrano 1222) colectivos 15, 34, 39, 55, 57, 106, 110, 140, 141, 151, 166, 168.