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Tango Alert: 2016’s Mundial de Tango Application Is Officially Open!

By | [email protected] | June 30, 2016 7:00am


The 2016 Mundial de Tango is fast approaching and if you’re feeling like you’ve got what it takes to win it all, you can officially sign up to compete here.

Gustavo Correa


Inscription is open for the two main competition categories: Tango de Pista and Tango Escenario. The difference for lay people? Tango de Pista (or Tango de Salón) adheres more strictly to the traditional tango style. Emphasis is placed on maintaining the correct tango embrace, and on the specific walking pattern. Tango Escenario is closer to what you would see at tango spectacles around the city. It’s characterized by freer choreography and acrobatic jumps.

You can sign up either by completing this form online or in person at La Usina del Arte (Caffarena 1). If you sign up online, at least one member of your duo must present both members’ original DNIs or passports at La Usina from August 19th – 21st between 1:30 PM – 8:00 PM to participate.

The Mundial:

The contest itself will be held from August 22nd – 31st. Here’s the breakdown.

Tango de Pista Qualifying: August 22nd – 23rd, Semifinal: August 27th, and Final: August 30th

Tango Escenario Qualifying: August 24th – 25th, Semifinal: August 28th, and Final: August 31st

A bit of background:

Starting in 2003, Buenos Aires has played host to this massive festival celebrating its most famous dance tradition. Last year around 600,000 people attended the more than 200 events associated with the competition throughout the city! Couples from all over the world compete, and you can find more info and a list of previous champions here.

Fun fact!

In 2013 the Mundial de Tango relaxed its inscription rules to allow same-gender couples to compete. Amazing.

Dust off your dancing shoes or at least block out the days in your calendar because serious tango action is coming your way.