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When Pope Francis will canonize “Gaucho Priest” Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochero Sunday it will mark the first time Argentine wine will be used at a Mass in the Vatican.

Usually the wine used is from Italy or, at most,

The rolling countryside of Mendoza is laden with more than 1,500 wineries. But it’s not all about the vino. The region also lends itself to outdoor activities like bicycling, horseback riding and – my personal favorite – eating.

Situated …

It’s agreed: after this infinite winter, we’re all gagging for spring to make out with us on jacaranda-blooming corners at any and every opportunity. Spring spells park life, skiving off work, and lingering lazy afternoons – best matched with fun …

Visiting Australia’s coastline has always been on my bucket list. Who wouldn’t want to explore some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and take in the surf culture all while getting a good tan? But as much as

It’s official. Winter’s here and only wine can save you. More specifically, these buxom blends that curl around your feet and work their way up your body, enveloping you in their liquid embrace, can save you.

Here are five UV

Grab your poncho and throw on a pair of alpargatas because this gringa is walking you through some of the most breathtaking spots that northwestern Argentina has to offer. Here we go! Jujuy and Salta.

Getting there

My flight left …

It’s evening in the City of Buenos Aires. Workers travel home from their offices, pausing in cafes for a cup of coffee and a medialuna. Across the world in New York City, people race into Starbucks before the evening …

Quick geography lesson. You know Mendoza? Officially, it’s a desert. But, thanks to the fact that the region receives an abundance of water from Andes snowmelt, canny agronomists grow vines – and grow them spectacularly well – in this barren …

This brilliant one week event was conceived by Wines of Argentina and offers a variety of activities revolving around the most distinctive of all Argentine grapes – Malbec. Talks with experts, discounts, open air and free tastings are just a

So, you love drinking wine but you’re not totally sure how to spell oenology. You’ve spotted a couple of labels at your local supermarket that have – to your novice palate – a great value for the money. Since you