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It’s Friday again!

Oh wait. That’s not my line! But since there’s no Friday Roundup today (Adrian is on “vacation”) I guess I can use it anyway.

The end of the year is upon us and as we melt-away in

Following the road paved by its elder sister Argentina, Uruguay decided it was time to join the 21st Century and approved a bill to legalize gay marriage, becoming the second (mostly Catholic) country in the region to come out in …

I know,

The Harlem Shake is so March 2013. But I must admit this latest version created by the performers of the Uruguayan National Ballet (directed by Argentine legend Julio Bocca) looks pretty good.

According to Uruguay’s Official Broadcasting, …

So word in town is that Pepe Mujica, President of Uruguay, is a nice, humbled-by-its-past, mate aficionado dude. Most people find it even heart-warming how this chubby little muffin refuses to travel on private planes and rather prefers to travel …