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A three hour tour. I guess that sentence will only make sense to those of you old enough (or cool enough) to have watched Gilligan’s Island at some point, but whatever. Thats what sisters Mónica (62) and Claudia (67) López

We here at The Bubble have a special place in our hearts for Argentines doing big things. No, I’m not talking about big achievements in their respective crafts. I’m talking big sized 60-meter long salami or 4,000 kg chocolate Easter

Just over two weeks ago, an 11-year-old rape survivor in Tucumán underwent a C-section after being denied a legal interruption of pregnancy (ILE, Interrupción Legal de Embarazo) by the provincial government.

You probably have questions. I know …

On Friday, two commissions in the Tucumán sent a bill to the provincial Legislature floor that, if approved on the floor, would have banned abortions even if they were a result of rape. The public outrage over the weekend though

Argentina is a vast country, holding some of the most stunning natural wonders in the world. There’s a reason why Argentina is the top spot in South America for tourists, with one of the planet’s most jaw-dropping sights from …

When asked to picture Argentina, most tend to visualize Buenos Aires: city scenes of bright lights blurring together in a colorful mass around the Obelisco, Puerto Madero’s iconic Puente de la Mujer, bright colors of La Boca’s Caminito,

As the debate over the bill to legalize and decriminalize abortion continues, the medical sector is in a state of turmoil. Between doctors being shamed for carrying out legal abortions, growing divisions between opposing sides of the debate, and …

It’s Independence Day today in Argentina and if you thought we were in for a quiet afternoon of churros and contemplation, think again, since the conversation in most rallies and celebration events around the country has revolved around the two …

After another goal-filled weekend in the Primera Division followed by some midweek continental action – Argentine football is the gift that keeps on giving. Here are the Copa Libertadores games you should keep an eye on this week,

Jorge Wilstermann

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Before Trump’s inauguration as US president last week, Argentina’s Treasury Minister, Nicolas Dujovne,  seemed confident and insisted that the growing wave of protectionism in the United States would only have a ‘marginal’ impact