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Vice-President of the Argentine Football Association’s national teams, Marcelo Tinelli, announced yesterday that he will step down from the position with immediate effect, as well as his role as Vice President of club San Lorenzo. The decision comes less than …

In what already seems like a Sunday morning tradition, Infobae published the content of a new alleged conversation between former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and ex-Director of Operations of Argentina’s Intelligence Service (AFI), Oscar Parrilli.

This time, the recipients …

Football, money, crisis — been hearing those words a lot lately, huh? Just in case you haven’t had enough of that troublesome trio and the imploding world of Argentine football, don’t worry, there’s plenty more in store.

A supposedly explosive …

Marcelo Tinelli’s TV Program, Showmatch, has repeatedly come under fire for, um, let’s say, pushing the envelope when it comes to social issues. His penchant for cutting the skirts off of female participants seems out of step with a …

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On this edition, we talk about the beginning of the electoral campaign ahead of the presidential vote of October 25.

The Scioli-less debate of this Sunday (and The Bubble Bingo game related to it)

The Argentine candidate to the Oscars …

The brutal murder of Chiara, a 14-year pregnant girl in Santa Fé province, prompts women’s rights groups to summon what promises to be a massive rally against femicides: NiUnaMenos, on June 3.

The Superclasico shameful pepper-gas scandal.

Marcelo Tinelli returns …

This week on The Bubble Podcast:

  • We discuss Marcelo Tinelli’s potential as a political candidate and we are reminded of his humble beginnings in the early 90s. Host Fernando Farías appears to defend his artistic value.
  • Updated on the Nisman: