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Over the course of my four month-long study abroad stint in Buenos Aires, I have attempted to immerse myself in the local culture. I have boliche’d and mate’d and medialuna’ed the lights out. However, one vital cultural aspect has eluded

Did you catch the latest Game of Thrones episode last night? Crazy, right? It’s too bad we can’t talk about it further though. You know, because of all the #spoilers and the sensitive people out there nowadays. What we can

Summer in the city means cleavage, cleavage, cleavage,” sang Regina Spektor over a decade ago on her aptly titled tune “Summer in the City”, which may sound at first like a cheery celebration of the warmer months but

In this two-part series, The Bubble takes a look at the influence of The Simpsons on Argentine pop culture, from everyday catchphrases to the use of political memes that have come to define the age of social media. Part two

What was regarded as “common sense” in Argentina about gender roles and stereotypes has, in the last ten years or so, become more and more nonsensical in the public eye. The types of images and language being used has kept …

It’s Fri- ugh, who cares.

No one’s reading anyway. Chances are most of you are out of town, enjoying the super long weekend. The second super long weekend we’ve had in two weeks! I love this country.

Also, since this …