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Hello! Welcome to another installment of The Bubble‘s ever-handy What to Do in Buenos Aires This Weekend guide. My mom recently disclosed to me that she reads this column weekly. My mom does not live in Buenos Aires and …

It’s funny that no matter how dire things might feel in Argentina (hello, #macrisis), there’s always a never-ending list of cool new restaurants and bars to check out. Since it’s more important than ever to support local businesses, we’ve rounded …

Think tacos in Buenos Aires are boring? As of tomorrow, you may have to rethink your stance on that. MASA Club de Tacos and Matambre, Comida Salvaje are getting together on Saturday for the first of many afternoons of pure,

Burgers, burgers, burgers. Everywhere you go in town they’re there. Sure, we all love a good burger and are thrilled to finally see Argentines embrace them. Moving from fat and flavorless patties onto a gourmet exploration of the “American burger”

The Mexican community of Argentina said adiós para siempre to celebrity chef Maru Botana after she completely butchered the recipe for and preparation of tortillas and tacos in a recent episode of her television program. Now Mexicans are calling for