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Former head of Argentina’s Federal Planning Ministry Julio de Vido testified today before federal judge Claudio Bonadio  in one of the greatest corruption scandals to ever break in Argentina.

The scandal revolves around the discovery of eight notebooks that meticulously

Along with Judge Claudio Bonadio, federal prosecutor Carlos Stornelli is in charge of the ongoing “notebooks of corruption” case that triggered a wave of high-profile arrests last week.

In March, journalists Diego Cabot, Candela Ini, and Santiago Nasra from La

The scandal began in March, after journalists from La Nación, Diego Cabot, Candela Ini, and Santiago Nasra, got ahold of eight notebooks that contained a detailed record of bribe payments from business leaders to public officials in exchange for

The current, ongoing scandal that began yesterday after Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio ordered the detention of 18 people implicated in a massive corruption scheme that allegedly took place during the Néstor and Cristina Kirchner administrations continues today—with 13 people currently