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If you’re in need of a little educational enrichment after a summer spent engaging your brain exclusively in the search of respite from the heat (no judgement, it’s a full time job), then look no further than the Biblioteca Nacional …

Palermo, a neighborhood renowned for its trendy bars and dingy nightclubs is also home to something a little less vivacious: bookshop cafés. 

This week, for me, was one of those weeks. You know the ones, those in which you

The extensive cultural scene that Buenos Aires has on offer, allowing residents and tourists alike to profit from the city’s generous artistic agenda — one in which cultural cafés play a crucial role. It turns out that a cup of …

Feeling the need to escape the noisy chaos synonymous with living in Buenos Aires?  The city’s public libraries emerge as potential saviours to the constant honking and bustle occurring on the street. Here is a list of some of the