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Last month the Argentine U-20 team barely qualified to make the category’s World Cup, which will take place in Korea this year. The U-17 category is now trying to follow in their steps within their own category’s South American Qualifiers, …

Things are heating up between Argentina and its neighbors, as the Argentine government moves towards implementing tougher border and immigration controls. Yesterday, in La Paz, the Bolivian Chancellor called upon the Argentine ambassador to ‘please explain’ Wednesday’s creation of a

The Sudamericano Sub 20 tournament has begun and Argentina’s team, led by Claudio Úbeda, was able to get a tie against Peru during the last minutes of the game. Lautaro Martínez, Argentina’s very own, scored the last minute goal and …

It is 5pm on a Tuesday and La Conga, a Peruvian cantina and cevicheria just steps away from Plaza Once, is bustling with more than a hundred diners. Salsa music echoes loudly throughout the restaurant as a team of

What do Argentines share with the Lebanese besides for Francophilia and nonpareil meat consumption?

High levels of political dread, the Pew reports.

In a study of developing nations, Latin American countries were found to have the second-highest levels of

The Peruvian Shining Path guerrillas haven’t been in the news recently, which has prompted many to believe that they are gone. Well, if you’re one of those people, you’re wrong.

This past month the militants launched numerous sneak attacks on …