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Federal judge Claudio Bonadío has charged former President Cristina Kirchner in the so-caled “notebooks scandal” case and accused her of being the leader of an “illicit organization” that awarded government contracts to private companies in exchange for kickbacks.

Bonadío has …

Another development has arisen surrounding former Planning Minister Julio de Vido’s involvement in the ongoing Notebook Scandal after the former official’s doorman reported seeing the De Vido removing “three huge safes” just before his apartment building was raided in 2016,

Kirchnerite financier Ernesto Clarens joined the ranks of the repentant yesterday and presented a plea bargain before Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio at the Comodoro Py courts as part of ongoing investigations into the Notebook Scandal, the corruption case currently rocking …

For the second time in less than a month, former President Cristina Kirchner has testified at the Comodoro Py courts before Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio as part of the ongoing Notebook Scandal.

Kirchner—who found herself at the center of what

On Monday morning, President Mauricio Macri delivered a pre-written announcement on a number of issues, including the current economic crisis, the reduction of Argentina’s ministries, and the increase in social welfare funds.

While Macri has been referring to the ongoing

Look who’s piped up again. As the Argentine peso continues its spectacular collapse against the dollar, being less valuable that the Uruguayan peso for the first time in history, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has made it all about her.…

It’s been 48 hours since the Argentine Federal Police wrapped up their raid on Cristina Kirchner’s house in El Calafate, during which they made the explosive discovery of a hidden safe containing pen drives and folders full of intelligence information

One of the most prestigious institutions in the country, the Argentine Rural Society (SRA) is the main voice for rural interests in Argentina. On Sunday, the president of the SRA, Daniel Pelegrina, made a speech addressing the ongoing notebook scandal

According to reporting by Clarín, American authorities offered to collaborate with President Mauricio Macri’s government in the ongoing notebook scandal by providing confidential information on a number of US bank accounts used to hold alleged Kirchner bribe money.