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If you’re anything like me, you spend a sizeable portion of your free time browsing through Netflix’s selection, trawling listlessly through title after title of movies and TV shows that look barely OK, trying to settle on something to watch

When we first started our weekly look at Netflix’s selection of Latin American streaming content, our goal was to present you with interesting, entertaining programs that you may not have been aware of. Along the way, we’ve stumbled upon some

How do you take a complex, wide-reaching scandal involving literally hundreds of people in a layered corruption scheme and make it into a coherent, dramatically satisfying eight-episode series? How do you tell a story that conveys the complexity of its

The last several years have seen a somewhat surprising resurgence of the prison drama subgenre, which had been largely dormant in the world of serialized television after HBO’s groundbreaking drama Oz. Probably the most popular of this new wave

I used to have a life.

It’s true. Not too long ago, I used to care about other things. I used to take interest in the state of the world. I used to read the news. I was a reasonably …

Mexican pop singer Luis Miguel has long been a hugely influential figure in Latin American pop culture in a way that may be hard for foreigners to fully comprehend. In trying to think of a comparable figure in the English-speaking

Tired of staying in and watching movies on your computer all weekend? Well get ready – you will now get to do the same thing (sort of) and call it a social outing, thanks to MoviePass!

MoviePass, commonly known as …

It’s not a stretch to say that streaming platforms have revolutionized how we consume television. Long gone are the days of waiting, one week at a time, to get bite-sized chunks of the story and talk about it with coworkers

With one week left of February, you’ve pretty much survived summer. Just about. You’re not out of the woods though yet, amigo, the searing heat could make a surprise reappearance at any moment – so don’t get ahead of yourselves …

Bet you didn’t know it’s Valentine’s Day next week, (you tried to forget, didn’t you?) But who am I to judge, you may even be slightly excited, armed with a swanky restaurant reservation and some arm candy, what’s not …