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Here’s the thing about any kind of long-form audio-visual storytelling: it’s made up of many moving parts, any one of which could be the weak link that causes the entire structure to fall apart. Last time around, we talked about

November: the month of impatiently waiting for the sun to shine uninterrupted for more than three days. To aid these extended rainy days (please, can it stop now?), pop on your trusty Netflix account and get ridiculously excited for …

The popular belief seems to be that the advent of technology – specifically, the trifecta of cell phones, the Internet, and social media – has modified our daily lives to the point where it’s created a whole bevy of new

I love a good high school drama. Don’t get me wrong, I am mortally terrified of teenagers – I get about 10 percent more exercise than I otherwise would simply by strategically plotting out my daily commute so as to

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the notion that we are days away from entering the month of Halloween, as I’m still pretty convinced it was Easter just three weeks ago. However, October it is, and Netflix has …

Have you ever found yourself rooting for a movie to be good, despite overwhelming evidence of the contrary? Have you ever found that, as an audience member, you are having an internal dialogue with the film you’re watching? And does

As the bitter cold weather continues, “Netflix & Chill” is still an entirely appropriate weekend and after-work activity. We should all revel in this lazy opportunity before the sun comes out and there’s societal pressure to actually hang out with …

It’s been a couple of years since Argentine audiences were first plunged into the depths of the violent, chaotic, unpredictable world of San Onofre, the fictional prison that serves as the setting for gripping drama El Marginal. And whether

Conventional wisdom indicates that the reason viewers are compelled to stay glued to their screens well past the point of what could reasonably be described as normal, healthy behavior — the reason “binge-watching” happens at all — is that, as

Last time around, we discussed the harrowing (and excellent) documentary El Vecino Alemán, which used the true story of Adolf Eichmann — one of the key figures in masterminding the Holocaust that fled to Argentina and lived a life