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All photos were taken by Lautaro Sourigues. You can see more of his work on Instagram.

If you are among those that think Uruguay is essentially just another Argentine province, you are dead wrong. Argentina doesn’t have Candombe.…

If you want to get to this year’s Guest City stand at the Feria del Libro you need only follow the mates in a sort of Latin American Hansel and Gretel adventure. Chances are you’ll see more than one avid

A recent study ranking cities based on their quality of living placed Uruguayan capital Montevideo on top (at no. 48) in the region, with Buenos Aires (no. 93) and Santiago (no. 94) trailing behind. Latin America, on the whole, performed

Brazil may have the World Cup in 2016 and a coveted spot among the BRIC countries, but these days, Uruguay is, without a doubt, the big man on the MERCOSUR campus. To my delight, legalizing marijuana seems to be all …