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Former presidential candidate Daniel Scioli reappeared in the public eye this week and used the spotlight to fire shots against the Macri administration, who he blames for the ongoing economic crisis.

“This situation was avoidable,” Scioli said on live television,

Speaking before 800 Cambiemos officials from the federal government and Province and City of Buenos Aires, President Mauricio Macri said today that without the government at the helm, “this storm would have destroyed the country to its very foundations, just …

This week, the Macri administration is seeking to finalize its 2019 Budget agreement as soon as possible with Argentina’s governors, who will be meeting with the president tomorrow at the Casa Rosada. The meeting is seen by many in government

President Macri will soon be traveling to New York during the last week of September to participate in the next General Assembly of the United Nations—which US President Donald Trump will be the hosting—and to receive the ninth Atlantic Council’s

President Mauricio Macri chose caution over optimism when talking about the fact that the Argentine peso has appreciated against the US dollar for the third day in a row today, after the sharp run on the currency and devaluation from …

Teamsters union leader Hugo Moyano is at odds with the current administration and wielded biting criticism against President Mauricio Macri on Thursday.

Right before a meeting with Peronist mayors this morning, Moyano blamed Macri for the ongoing, deepening crisis

Margarita Barrientos is an Argentine activist and founder of the Los Piletones soup kitchen. On Wednesday, Barrientos reiterated her support for President Mauricio Macri in the midst of the crisis, emphasizing that the president “is working hard” to better the

Gradualism has definitively come to an end. As part of emergency moves aimed at stabilising the peso and calming the markets, the Argentine Government has introduced dramatic measures that they hope will slash the mounting fiscal deficit. After first announcing …

The day after President Mauricio Macri’s widely televised announcement on Monday, in which he declared a fresh wave of austerity measures, he with US President Donald Trump over the phone to discuss Argentina’s the economic situation. 

As was reported by

On Monday evening, President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela harshly criticized Mauricio Macri for cutting the number of ministries in Argentina in half, claiming that the Argentine president intended to dismantle the country and turn it into a colony of