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On Wednesday, Federal prosecutor Jorge Felipe Di Lello pressed charges against President Mauricio Macri and several other members of the Macri administration for the US $50 billion loan agreement signed with the IMF.

Di Lello did so following the complaints

On Monday morning, President Mauricio Macri delivered a speech in which he confirmed rumors of a significant restructuring in the Argentine cabinet and the government’s ministries. The changes are part of the Government’s goal of dramatically reducing Argentina’s fiscal deficit

Thursday marks another day of economic chaos in Argentina after the Central Bank raised rates by 15 percentage points, reaching 60 percent on Thursday and leaving the dollar trading at around 39 pesos.

With high levels of tension in the

After the Argentine peso accelerated its ongoing collapse yesterday, depreciating by 7.3 percent against the US dollar and hitting AR $34.3 (per US dollar) when the financial markets closed yesterday, high-ranking government officials came out to ratify their support for …

On Thursday, August 9th, the Argentine Senate voted at 2:45 AM to reject a bill that would legalize abortion in Argentina, with 31 votes in favor and 38 votes against.

The bill, which would have included access to

The bill that would have legalized abortion was defeated in the Senate yesterday.

But the debate is far from over. Having occupied the forefront of the public conversation, it has been installed as the next right to be conquered by …

This morning, in an explosive new development in the ongoing investigations into massive corruption schemes that allegedly took place during the Néstor and Cristina Kirchner administrations, Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio ordered the detention of at least 15 people.


With search for economic stability underway after a particularly hard month, Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña is engaged in talks with China regarding the possibility of renewing a currency swap program left over from the previous administration.

In an interview with …

After honoring the British soldiers lost in the Malvinas War, Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña spent his second day in London in meetings with UK senior officials. Notably, one result of those meetings was a confirmation from Theresa May of her …

Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña has paid tribute in London to soldiers killed during the Malvinas War, reciprocating the gesture made by UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson during his visit to Buenos Aires last month.

Visiting the British capital as …