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To walk into La Grande, a musical spectacle held every Tuesday night in the heart of Palermo Viejo, is to walk into the beating heart of hipster Buenos Aires. Young, bearded porteños spill out of the theatre into

Welcome back, dear readers, to another one of our guided tours through the exciting world of Argentine music. We’re here to fill you in so you don’t look like a complete newbie when discussing this country’s vibrant music scene.

If you go to a concert by Los Mutantes del Paraná, chances are you’re gonna hear a crowd of people not only dancing intensely, but also singing along. This would not be worthy of remark in almost any other

Nahuel Briones would never admit it himself. He would, in fact, probably hate that somebody wrote these words about him, but after listening to his records over and over again – particularly his later work, Guerrera/Soldado and El Nene Minado

Do you remember that Super Bowl halftime show where Prince performed in the pouring rain and it was widely remembered as THE BEST SUPER BOWL SHOW EVER? Well folks, that is the mindset for this weekend. Yes, the forecast predicts …

The timely arrival of autumn this week has happily sent many of us digging for our jackets and scarves – and hey, after three whole months of summer’s humid, searing heat, who can really blame us?

For those of you …

What a week boys and squirrels, what a week. We lost an election and several great talents (Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell, and Mose Allison); we won at life, mostly via Music Wins Fest, Festi Laptra, or any of the other …