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One of the most powerful aspects of film as a medium is its ability to bring us closer to — and thus allow us to empathize with — characters that are so far removed from our own individual life experiences.

A couple of weeks ago Buenos Aires was all but completely shut down thanks to the visit of some of the most powerful people in the entire world for the G20 Summit. If you live here, then you probably heard

The G20 is finally upon us, which, if you’re anything like us, is probably causing you all sorts of mixed feelings right about now. On one hand, it’s nice that the international community will set its sights on Argentina for

Making a movie that is not only centered around the experience of a kid, but also assumes that kid’s point of view, is really hard to pull off. Or at the very least, it’s hard to pull off without coming

Film is a medium of continuous engagement. As audience members, we are passively submitted to a two-hour experience that has been carefully crafted by the filmmakers. As such, we are in a constant state of evaluating and re-evaluating what we’re

The popular belief seems to be that the advent of technology – specifically, the trifecta of cell phones, the Internet, and social media – has modified our daily lives to the point where it’s created a whole bevy of new

Here’s the thing about the vastness of cinema: as much as it can bring us along in grand journeys of heroism, epic struggles, and fantastical worlds full of never-before-seen wonders, it can also be used to shine a light on

Biopics are a strange beast. Yes, we all like having a behind-the-scenes look at real-life notable figures, but biopics can also make for wholly unsatisfying movie-watching experiences. Too often, filmmakers’ attempts at drawing a traditional three-act structure from the entirety

Have you ever found yourself rooting for a movie to be good, despite overwhelming evidence of the contrary? Have you ever found that, as an audience member, you are having an internal dialogue with the film you’re watching? And does

I have a pretty good constitution in terms of getting creeped out in the cinema. There’s very little that will actually skeeve me out. Horror films — particularly the supernatural or super-gory kind — are a walk in the park.