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When Nicolás García Mayor, CEO and Founder of Cmax, was asked how he made it as a successful entrepreneur at last Friday’s forum on Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation in Argentina in Washington, DC, he paused. What does it mean

One stage, 500 people in the audience, and a jury. Is it a talent contest? It can be if your skill is pitching a working product to venture capitalists. That is the essence of Startup Battlefield, the competition created 12

Argentina’s Congress unanimously passed the so-called “support to entrepreneurial capital” bill yesterday, which in theory should make it a whole lot easier to set up a company in the country. Roberto Basualdo, President of the Senate’s subcommittee of …

Alejandro Estrada, an Argentine entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, launched the new version of iBillionaire on international app stores last week. This is Alejandro’s third company he has founded, the first two – DineroMail and – were greatly successful

As one George W. Bush is rumored to have said, “the problem with the French is that they don’t have a word for entrepreneur.” Fine, he may not have actually said that, but the point here is that …