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Perhaps the Mexican tacos left a sour taste in Donald Trump’s mouth earlier this month or maybe regulations in Trump Tower only allow fluent stupid to be spoken because, according to press reports, the Republican nominee allegedly turned down an …

Since it was cold with spells of sunshine all weekend, you basically fluctuated between blankets and full-on sun bathing mode, you say? No news included? At all? Never mind, The Bubble is back with the Weekend Roundup so you don’t …

Donald Trump has gone on the record. If he is not elected, the United States of America will be facing a fate of — not Middle Earth, Alderaan or single women past 30 — but of Argentina!

Make the lambs

Donald Trump may think he’s the greatest businessman to ever walk the earth, but it turns out he’d actually be a cracking football manager as well.

Using his now infamous “We Need To Build A Wall” speech, sports network TyC …

Donald Trump, highly controversial US Republican presidential candidate, has been compared to Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Lord Voldemort, Darth Vader and, last but not least, Mauricio Macri.

True story: while overseeing the construction of a Trump Tower in Punta del

Update: Trump has since put the rumor to bed saying he “never even heard of the team” and has “no interest” in buying it. So that saddly ends our Trump coverage.