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Ángel Pedro “Baby” Etchecopar, the longtime host on Radio 10, is a polarizing figure in Argentina.

He is infamous for the aggressive (oftentimes racist and sexist) opinions he expresses on his show. In September 2018, he was accused of breaking

The Colegio Santa María in Salta has expelled a young fourth year boy named Santiago Casares after he made statements and presented himself in a way that “upset” teachers at the Catholic school. Four of his classmates who protested the …

Authorities from one of Argentina’s most exclusive gated communities, Nordelta, were forced to make concessions regarding internal transportation policies after accusations of discrimination by residents to workers went viral.

Namely, authorities announced their willingness to allow public transport in …

LGBTI 1969 organization yesterday denounced that City Police officers beat and arrested María Solange Pérez for kissing her wife, Rocío Girat. According to the accusation, the officers called Gómez a “guy” and proceeded to slam her to the ground.

Two in five Porteños have experienced discrimination at some point while living in Buenos Aires, most likely due to their nationality or because they were immigrants, a recent study published in La Nación reveals.

The report, which was conducted …