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The Panama Papers are out, the Vulture Funds aren’t being paid just yet, inflation is still on the rise, Cristina is “#Back”, Lázaro Báez has been arrested and we all need a fucking break.

Friday 8th


Following The Rolling Stones and Coldplay, el Estadio Único Ciudad de La Plata is hosting another British great: Sir Paul McCartney. At 73 years old, the Liverpudlian is still so on top of his game and since this is Argentina, …

Friday 1st

ART: Artists Cabaio and NASA are inaugurating their new “ASIMETRICOS” collaborative exhibition at the UNION gallery (Costa Rica 5929) at 7PM. Here’s more information about the creative process straight from the horse’s mouth.

MUSIC: It seems the city …

Ladies and gentlemen, knock yourselves out:

Friday 4th

ART: There is a tattoo show going on all weekend at La Rural (Sarmiento 2704) from 12PM to 11PM.

FOOD & WINE: If you have a spare AR$1000 at your disposal make …

You might know Movistar as the mecca of services for tourist burner phones. But did you know that you could exchange your shitty service and AR$ 4 a day data for a free concert?! The sultriest woman alive, Lauryn Hill,

From 14th to 28th February, the iconic Teatro Colon is hosting a series of traditional and cutting edge music and theatrical performances as part of its free and open air summer festival (Festival de Verano).

Sunday 14th, Tuesday

Plaza Vaticano, the one next to Teatro Colon, is projecting a series of (some more than others) rather brilliant performances onto a big screen outdoors for the public at zero charge.

Reservations cannot be made and there is a …

Spring is finally among us, so this is a great opportunity to get cultured this Saturday with the Philharmonic, dog! Forget all that Sunday-depression due to next day elections and enjoy high quality music, for free!

The Buenos Aires Philharmonic

Do you love live music? Do you like to feel part of something a bit exclusive? Do you enjoy meeting like-minded people? If so, Sofar Sounds might be right up your alley.

The idea is fairly simple: Once a month, …


The boys who made our teenage dreams come true in the late 90s/early 2000s will be in Buenos Aires June 17 near the end of their In A World Like This Tour.

The show will take place at …