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The 2019 Copa América kicks off in Brazil this weekend, with the Argentine national football team making its debut on Saturday, June 15th at 7 PM against Colombia. It’s been a hot minute since Argentina claimed an international football title. …

Gather round, children… Let’s talk about Lollapalooza Argentina, that takes place starting this Friday, March 29th and goes on until Sunday, March 31st. No, we’re not gonna be talking about the music per se, we pretty much covered that

Florida, Corrientes, Defensa: When it comes to notable streets and avenues, Buenos Aires puts forth some heavy-hitting candidates. Egged on by insistent guidebooks, newcomers are told that if their visits to the city don’t include strolls down these thoroughfares, it




a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration.

The name Jim Delligatti probably doesn’t ring a bell, does it? He could be any accountant or lawyer in pretty much any …